Thursday Jokes: Sept. 7th

Britain’s Prince George arrived for his first day of school. He was reportedly well-behaved, but looks forward to spending time relaxing on his Time Out Throne.

A woman in China reportedly gave birth while shopping. Since it was a girl, she returned it.

Comcast said that it will open over 130,000 Xfinity Wifi hotspots for free to Florida residents impacted by Hurricane Irma – so that even those Floridians who aren’t Comcast customers can see how awful Xfinity Internet service is.

Craig Carton, the co-host of nationally syndicated sports talk show ‘Boomer and Carton’ was arrested by the FBI and charged with operating a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme to fund his gambling habit. The over/under was set at 5 years for his prison sentence, and Carton took the over.

A Bengal tiger was spotted roaming around metro Atlanta. It’s unclear how he got there, although residents assumed traffic was so bad the tiger decided to skip the car and walk.

Donald Trump Jr testified to Congress that he took the infamous meeting with Russians to gauge Hillary Clinton’s “fitness”. Bill Clinton commented that he could have told Trump Jr that it was nothing like it used to be.

A high-ranking Commander in the U.S. Navy is accused of making unwanted sexual advances and spanking a woman on the buttocks while he was drunk and dressed as Santa Claus at a Pentagon holiday party.  He was suspended for a uniform violation.

California paroled Charles Manson disciple Leslie van Houten. Van Houten thanked the parole board and said she hoped it wasn’t too late to start a family of her own.

The NBA Los Angeles Clippers have added 8 new “Star Courtside” seats on the floor at their home games, at a cost of $175,000 each. The seats come with a VIP Entrance, valet parking, waiter service, a ride home after the 1st quarter, and priority wait list for Lakers games.

Cruise lines are concerned about lost business resulting from Hurricane Irma. Carnival sent several of its ships into the hurricane’s eye to try and kill it with Norovirus.

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