Wednesday Jokes: June 27th

The body of 48-year-old Todd Keeling was found in a beer cooler before an Atlanta Braves game at Sun Trust Park. Reports originally stated that he died in a walk-in freezer, but were corrected when police said they found the body surrounded in Silver Bullets. [story h/t to Chris Schmidt!!]

Sir Ray Davies announced that legendary British rockers The Kinks are getting back together, as soon as they work themselves out.

Missouri State University Associate Sociology professor Alicia Walker is asking for 3,600 explicit photos of flaccid and erect penises to explore how a man’s penis size affects the rest of his life. She expects to complete the photo-gathering phase of the study after joining Tinder for 15 minutes.

  • Professor Walker’s hypothesis is that men with large penises self-identify as being happier with their life, as do their wives & girlfriends, although the women self-report many more headaches.

Sarah Sanders is getting Secret Service protection. Visitors to the Pennsylvania Avenue Arby’s are asked to budget extra time for visits between Noon and 1:30pm.

Brazilian swimsuit model Sabrina Jales St Pierre is suing the Embassy Suites in Palm Desert, California, saying she suffered so many bedbug bites during her stay there that she had to turn down modeling work. Furthermore, she said that she was the target of inappropriate comments from the bedbugs when they saw her at the free breakfast buffet the next morning.

White House officials announced that Melania Trump is making a second visit to the Mexican border, to check the progress of her tunnel.

Joe Jackson, patriarch of the singing Jackson Family, passed away at age 89. A statement released by the family said “Hee-heeeeee is dead.”

The Florida Department of Health is warning beachgoers about an outbreak of biting sea lice off the state’s northwest shores. The lice, which are actually jellyfish larvae, leave itchy irritated rashes, and are known to attack tourists by angrily declaring stretches of Pensacola as a Locals Only Beach, brah!

Justice Anthony Kennedy announced that he’s retiring from the Supreme Court, effective July 31st. President Trump announced he’ll compile a list of nominees after meeting them at a rally in Charlottesville.

Google gave journalists a demonstration of Google Duplex, a human-sounding artificial intelligence product that makes human-sounding phone calls on your behalf to automate things like making restaurant reservations, hair appointments, and getting shut down calling hot women for dates.


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