Thursday Jokes: August 9

An off-duty Cincinnati police officer working security at a Kroger grocery tasered an 11-year-old girl suspected of shoplifting. The girl was charged with theft, treated and released at a local hospital, and is said to be bummed out that the Sour Patch Kids she stole melted from the electricity.

McDonald’s will select one random user of its app between August 10 and August 24 to be a McGold Card holder, winning free McDonald’s food for the rest of their life, or about two years.

New York City voted to freeze the number of Lyft and Uber vehicles operating within city limits. City council members said NYC will treat Uber & Lyft vehicles like taxis – meaning their air conditioning will be broken, credit card payments won’t work, and non-white passengers are pretty much on their own.

A Frontier Airlines employee spent the night in an Atlanta hotel with two children, ages 9 & 7, who were traveling as unaccompanied minors on a flight from Des Moines to Orlando that was diverted to Atlanta because of weather. The kids’ parents were mortified, and angry that Frontier charged them for the kids’ meals, and fees since the children qualified as checked baggage.

Beach volleyball players in Alabama inadvertently destroyed hundreds of baby Tern bird eggs when they moved them to clear space for their game, according to the Birmingham Audubon Society. Since then, fences have been erected to protect other nests, but angry bird protesters still are popping volleyballs with their beaks.

Google launched ‘Cameos’, a video Q&A app aimed at celebrities, to permit them to answer fans’ biggest, most frequently asked questions using video. So far, John Travolta has filmed 500 Cameos saying he isn’t gay.

Facebook has launched Mentorships, a free service that will pair people who need help or guidance with those providing it. They immediately shut down the accounts of hundreds of ‘mentors’ offering to help women pick out the clothes they’ll wear that day.

Amazon is introducing Alexa Auto, an extension of its digital assistant in to cars, where Alexa will badger drivers to slow down, ask for directions and stop for rest room breaks.

McDonald’s opened a new 19,000 square foot, glass-enclosed restaurant in Chicago that looks like an Apple Store. It features table service, ordering kiosks, a McGenius Bar where a high-school dropout tells you how to work the Coke Freestyle machine, and high-tech restroom urinals for vandals to poop in.

Lauren Cutshaw, a 32-year-old South Carolina woman pulled over for DUI, tried to talk her way out of it by saying she’s a “very clean, thoroughbred, white girl”. She was still arrested after she blew a .18 blood alcohol content, but after being freed on bail she accepted a job as Trump 2020 Campaign Chairperson for South Carolina.


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