Wednesday Jokes: August 15

President Trump called departed staffer Omarosa a “dog” on Twitter..while Omarosa remained busy fetching tapes of Trump using the n-word on the Apprentice.

At a hackers conference in Las Vegas, an 11-year-old successfully hacked a replica of the Florida Board of Elections database. Fox News subsequently projected SpongeBob SquarePants as the winner of the Governor’s race.

Ikea opened its first store in India – so far, customers are confounded by why the products’ names are spelled incorrectly.

Christine Halliquist is the first transgender gubernatorial nominee, after winning the Vermont Democratic primary. Halliquist, a former utilities executive, is running on a platform to provide high-speed Internet to every home in Vermont. She is endorsed by Vermonters Who Want To Watch Porn In The Mountains.

Tom and Gail Wise, owners of the first Ford Mustang ever sold, a 1964 convertible, brought the car to ceremonies in Dearborn, Michigan where Ford commemorated the 10 Millionth Mustang produced.  The couple, who were 22 years old when they bought it, spent a lot of time cleaning the back seat.

The Environmental Working Group found that some oat cereals and oatmeal contained elevated levels of glyphosate – the toxic herbicide known as Roundup. “Look, you don’t want cereal with weeds in it, do you?” said a defensive Cap’n Crunch.

A little girl who secretly ordered $350 worth of toys on her mom’s Amazon Prime account donated the toys to a local children’s hospital. She also donated her mom’s Amazon Prime password so the kids there rolled up another $3,000 getting different, better toys.

Melissa Howard, Republican candidate for Florida state House who lied about graduating from college, has dropped out of the race. She’ll endorse her opponent, who dropped out of school in 7th grade, but didn’t lie about it.

HGTV has started preproduction on its Brady Bunch House renovation show. Said a network spokesperson of the iconic property “it’s time to change..we have to rearrange..what it is into what it’s gonna be..”

Brandon Johnson, the dealer who allegedly supplied Demi Lovato with drugs, was reportedly arrested in a huge bust in March, one month before meeting up with Lovato, who has more of a medium bust.


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