Tuesday Jokes: August 14

Disney’s Magic Kingdom released a new food item at Ariel’s Grotto – the mermaid donut. It’s a donut topped with icing, sprinkles, and white chocolate “treasures” including a mermaid’s tail in the center. It’s a great snack for rich creeps who want to overspend and put a mermaid’s tail in their mouth.

Two women on a Minnesota lake had to be rescued after they were stranded while riding an inflatable unicorn. The rescue was delayed until a rainbow could be set up for the unicorn to leap over to safety.

President Trump signed a new military spending bill at the conclusion of a visit to U.S. Army base Fort Drum. The bill was signed as a disappointed Trump learned it’s just a name, there really is no drum.

Trump visited Fort Drum even though Fort Dix is closer to his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course. Trump decided not to visit Fort Dix because he wanted to see women soldiers.

Trump later appeared at a GOP fundraising event in Utica, NY — surprising anyone who’s ever been to Utica, NY and thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Kanye West released a new song where he says he has ‘four sisters-in-law he’d like to smash’.  “So do we!” said most Americans, interpreting “smash” differently.

Hailey Baldwin and fiancée Justin Bieber said they won’t get married until next year, or next month, or whichever one is, like, farther away.

A black bear made it through the automatic outer door of Crazy Bruce’s Liquor store in Bristol, CT, before an employee locked the inner door. The employee commented that they locked the door for safety, and because the bear was only 17.

Calvin Parker, a Mississippi native, released a new book: ‘Pascagoula–The Closest Encounter: My Story’ about his alleged abduction by aliens on October 11, 1973. UFO experts already cast doubt on the story’s truth, saying they doubt even aliens would look for intelligent life in Mississippi.

Officials in Paris are trying to do something about public urination by installing open air urinals. The move was applauded by dogs who can now take their drunken owners out for a walk.

South Korea is banning the sale of BMW vehicles due to a rash of reported engine fires; North Korea is banning them because nobody has any money.


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