Tuesday Jokes: December 4

Amazon is testing its cashierless checkout technology in larger stores. To do so, they’re looking to hire the world’s most expert shoplifters, so they’re planning a job fair in Philadelphia. 

Walmart says they’re equipping sales associates with an in-store tool that allows brick & mortar customers to complete online orders. Walmart is calling the tool an “iPad”. 

Apple released its Best Of 2018 apps list. Topping the list for iPad, ‘Froggipedia’, a virtual reality app that lets you dissect a frog without killing an actual frog. Runner-up was Brassiereipedia, that lets geeks experience the removal of a woman’s bra.

Samsung announced their plans to introduce a 5G smartphone, costing around $2Gs. 

American Airlines used video footage from O’Hare Airport to refute a claim that they abandoned an elderly woman in a wheelchair alone at midnight after her flight was cancelled. American’s record of successfully defending passenger abuse claims improves to 1-for-2,000.

Eight brands of dry dog food have been recalled for excessive levels of Vitamin D, which can cause vomiting and weight loss. Eight other brands were recalled for excess Vitamin E, which can cause uncontrolled surges in your dog’s sex drive on your leg. 

December 4th marks National Cookie Day. The following Tuesday, December 11th, marks National Stale Cookie Day. 

A 300-pound-woman in Erie, PA faces up to 36 years in prison for a murderous attack on her 120-pound boyfriend that involved sitting on him. CSIs said that when they arrived at the crime scene, the victim’s face and skull were unrecognizable. 

Wikipedia is taking steps to curb what it calls ‘rogue edits’ – including one where the photo accompanying Donald Trump’s biography was changed to a penis. Their first corrective step is removing Melania Trump’s editor privileges. 

Burger King is offering 1-cent Whoppers to its mobile app customers, provided they do so while standing within 600 feet of a McDonald’s location. Customers are thrilled that they can save money while getting McDonald’s fries with their discount Whopper, and not BK’s lousy ones. 

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