Monday Jokes: August 26th

Six spectators were injured at the Tour Championship golf tourney when lightning struck a nearby tree. It was originally believed four people were hurt, but it was God yelling “fore” as the lightning came crashing down.

Hasbro Toys acquired Death Row Records – launching G.I. Joe’s long-awaited foray into battle rap.

Faith-based feature film ‘Overcomer’ earned $8 million at the weekend box office. It’s the story of a high-school athletic coach and churchgoer who can’t stop ejaculating.

Plagued with injuries over his last several seasons, Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck announced his retirement at age 29. Luck was asked if he planned to remain in Indianapolis, but was gone before the question was finished.

Disney announced they’ll be opening Disney Stores in Target locations. Disney fans are excited, since many can’t afford travel to Disneyland or Disney World to shoplift there.

Not to be outdone, Walmart plans to open Yosemite Sam Stores in their gun departments.

A woman claims her soon-to-be-ex-spouse – a female astronaut – accessed her online accounts and stole her identity while aboard the International Space Station. The accusation is amazing, but not as amazing as having reliable high-speed Internet in outer space.

Epcot Center will open a new ‘Ratatouille’ experience for guests in its France pavilion. It’s just the same rats in the kitchen, but now they’ll let visitors see them.

Cocaine worth over $1 million was found in boxes of bananas shipped to Safeway grocery stores in Washington state. Police believe there are other shipments, since several Safeway stockboys are now driving Escalades.

Las Vegas’ Hooters Hotel & Casino has been sold to a hotel chain from India. They say they’ll remove the Hooters brand, but still offer terrible chicken wings you’ll regret eating the next morning.


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