Wednesday Jokes: March 4th

Mickey & Minnie Mouse, 91 years old each, finally have their own ride at Disney World: ‘Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway’. It was supposed to be ‘Mickey & Minnie’s Railway’, so now you know why Disney didn’t want them having their own ride.

A New York City lawyer with coronavirus is listed in ‘severe’ condition, but his close friends say he’s motivated by the massive lawsuit he’ll file if he ever gets out of the hospital.

Senator Richard Blumenthal has asked U.S. airlines to immediately waive change and cancellation fees because of the coronavirus, and to waive change and cancellation fees for trips on Spirit Airlines just because.

A director at the Centers For Disease Control said that, to fight coronavirus, Americans may need to take a break from their normal daily routine for two weeks. “Okay, if you think it’ll help” said serial killers.

Buffalo Wild Wings is letting two contest winners live inside of a Chicago area location for one night during the ‘March Madness’ NCAA Mens Basketball tournament. The best part is they can watch all the games they want, but no one will make them eat there.

Ikea recalled another 820,000 dressers because of the risk of their falling on to small children. Ikea said owners can return the dressers, but not their children.

Do-it-yourself fecal transplants – used to put healthy bacteria in the colon to treat bowel disorders – are found to improve symptoms in 82% of people. The other 18% are sh*t out of luck.

Michael Bloomberg is ending his presidential bid after spending half a billion dollars on advertising. “Mike Will Get It Done” will long be remembered as the slogan of a guy who blew half a billion dollars on advertising when he could have bought a hockey team.

Flavor Flav gave his first interview since being fired as a member of Public Enemy, 90 percent of which was the ‘Y’ sound in the word ‘boy’.

Alaska Airlines, Southwest, United and Hawaiian all announced low fares on flights to Hawaii, so book now if you’ve ever dreamed of spending two weeks in a tropical hospital.


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