Thursday Jokes: April 30th

Donald Trump said he’s planning a trip to Arizona, possibly to tour a facility that makes personal protective equipment – guns.

California plans to close all state beaches and parks, so Instagram is beefing up bandwidth to host live events for guys who can only do bench presses while other people watch.

Britney Spears said a fire destroyed her home gym. Her trainer told her she needed to feel her muscles burning.

The Cincinnati Bengals are releasing QB Andy Dalton – meaning one less tiger in captivity.

Sales of bargain beer Busch Light have increased 44% during the pandemic. They’re considering changing the slogan from ‘Head for the Mountains’ to ‘Head for the Unemployment Website’.

Makers of the Teracube budget smartphone say they want to create a ‘sustainable’ smartphone, and guarantee it will last for 4 years. It costs $269 and you leave it in a drawer.

Police in New York City found dozens of bodies in unrefrigerated U-Haul trucks outside a funeral home. In other news, city residents moving in May can get a great deal on a U-Haul truck.

An Illinois stripper who drove to New York City “because I felt like I was the coronavirus” was arrested for carrying 18 knives in her car. She was taken to a hospital, strip searched, and made $15 in ones.

Costco will require shoppers to wear masks. Those without a mask can buy a box of 500 of them.

NFL QB Jameis Winston – released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and signed by the New Orleans Saints – said he had LASIK eye surgery. He claims he can now read street signs, and see which defensive backs he’s throwing interceptions to.

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