Friday Jokes: May 1st

Serena Williams & other pros will play Mario Tennis Aces on Nintendo Switch for charity. Williams promises this will be better than last time, when her Princess Peach was called for foot faults and threatened to ram the ball down Line Judge Luigi’s throat.

The NCAA will allow college athletes to make money from endorsements. Ten minutes after the ruling, every Division I basketball player had an endorsement deal with a marijuana dispensary or CBD oil company. 

A New Jersey woman who filed for unemployment benefits was sent a debit card in the mail with a zero balance. On the bright side, her VIP cardholder status entitles her to free Valet Parking at Dollar Tree. 

Meat packing workers ordered to return to their jobs are telling their employers they don’t feel safe. “Yeah, sure” say pigs, cows & chickens. 

Coronavirus experts believe Remdesivir – a drug developed to treat ebola – may be effective treating COVID-19. They’ve already started filming an ad with the Truvada for Prep guy with recovered victims dancing. 

Dogs are being trained to sniff for coronavirus. They’re asking if they can sniff people’s breath for a change. 

Madonna said she’s tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, and is planning to “breathe in the COVID-19 air” – presumably from the mouth of a guy 30 years younger than she is. 

Juul announced it’s vaporizing 40% of employees. 

Chick-fil-A is launching its first meal kit – the instructions are, you grab a hatchet, then open it in a small room so it’s easier to catch. 

A Walmart in Worcester, Massachusetts closed temporarily after 23 employees tested positive for coronavirus. Most of them are now greeters at the Intensive Care Unit. 



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