Friday Jokes: August 14th

The Seattle Seahawks cut player Kemah Siverand for trying to sneak a woman into the team hotel during training camp. Siverand thought she was gorgeous; teammates thought she was just a fair catch.

Thousands lined up for over a mile at a Texas food bank. The line would have been shorter, but hundreds of dumb Texans were there to cash unemployment checks.

An In-N-Out burger restaurant in Oregon is the site of a COVID-19 outbreak. The good news is their secret menu lets you order burgers & fries “Pangolin style”.

Google is rolling out “earthquake alerts” to Android phones. Google says the key to getting them is holding on to your phone really tight.

Idris Elba’s wife said she thought his COVID-19 diagnosis was “the end”. Fans thought “the end” for Idris Elba was box office bomb ‘The Dark Tower’.

Tiger Woods shared his ‘go-to’ Starbucks coffee order in an interview with Golf TV. It’s a Grande Nonfat Double-shot Hazelnut Latte delivered by the 20-year-old new female barista.

Donald Trump’s brother Robert is reportedly hospitalized in New York and “very ill”. Donald has requested that Robert be moved to the first tee of his New Jersey golf course so he can visit him.

Workers renovating the Walla Walla, Washington public library found a stash of Godzilla Heads bubble gum and unopened beer cans left there since the 1980s. They’re unsure who left it there, but they suspect it’s the alcoholic custodian who choked to death on bubble gum.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he “warned Russia” about the alleged bounties they offered for attacks on U.S. soldiers. Pompeo warned them they needed to raise the price to get any serious action.

The NBA Chicago Bulls fired head coach Jim Boylen. Boylen was on the bubble, then left out of the bubble, then the bubble burst.

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