Tuesday Jokes: September 29th

CNN published a list of 6 Things To Look For during tonight’s presidential debate. All 6 are other shows airing at 9p.m.

The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Dallas Stars in six games to win the Stanley Cup in the NHL ‘bubble’ in Edmonton. They’ll be bringing the Cup home to share with fans in a superspreader event.

Grand jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case will be released to the public following a judge’s order. Then those documents will be summarized for the Cliff Notes Rioter’s Edition.

COVID-19 has claimed one million lives worldwide, and it’s looking forward to expanding that number once Tom Cruise gets to the International Space Station.

Amazon introduced Amazon One – a contactless way to authenticate purchases or allow ticketless entry by scanning your palm. It also won’t let you buy something or enter a stadium until you wash your filthy hands.

Scientists discovered evidence of multiple underground lakes on Mars; it’s signs next to the lakes reading “swim at your own risk”.

Disney + ‘GroupWatch’ is now available in the U.S. – so up to six different streamers can watch the same program at once, and one can tell the other five to shut the f*** up during The Mandalorian Season 2 premiere.

A new musical variety show debuted, featuring a singing hologram of Whitney Houston. Then it shut down when the hologram checked into rehab.

Pornhub is showing ‘Califreaknik Pool Party’ – film of a Labor Day party during the pandemic featuring nude dancers. Women who arrived topless were reportedly let in for free. Cops shut the party down despite dancers oiling their bodies with Purell.

Kylie Jenner posted bikini photos on Instagram, urging her 200 million followers to register and vote. So far several million morons followed her advice and cast votes for Kylie Jenner.

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