Monday Jokes: October 19th

Peloton recalled pedals from exercise cycles, saying they could injure owners who trip over them while hanging laundry on the bikes.

Chicago was named “America’s rattiest city” – with the most recorded rat infestations – for the sixth straight year. New York City’s Pizza Rat proved to be no match for Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza Rat.

A Texas executive was charged with the largest tax evasion scheme in history, hiding over $2 billion in income. He is currently deciding between fleeing the country or running for President.

A 14-year-old girl won $25,000 for development of a potential treatment for COVID-19, and pocketed another $500 from classmates hoping to sit next to her during the science test.

Instagram fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk – who claimed COVID-19 wasn’t real – died of COVID-19. His profile was updated to reflect he’s now a sickness influencer.

A sexual assault suspect was arrested in Los Angeles after barricading himself in a building on the Paramount Pictures studio lot. “Come out, we’ve got you surrounded, Weinstein!” said cops.

UFC fighter Kenny Ortega returned from a two year absence to defeat ‘The Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung. Ortega beat the Zombie’s brains out, then the Zombie ate them.

Kim Kardashian was interviewed by David Letterman, and refused to tell him who she was voting for in the Presidential election. Kardashian said she expects to cast her ballot right before Christmas.

CVS is hiring over 10,000 pharmacy technicians to deal with increased traffic from flu vaccines, COVID-19 tests, and refilling 72-inch receipts in checkout registers.

NASA and Nokia are putting a 4G cell phone network on the Moon. They’re also building a Boost Mobile store there for astronauts who have so-so credit scores.

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