New Zealand banned tobacco purchases to anyone born after 2008. Public schools will have counselors available to help 13-year-olds determine how they can look cool.

Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown commuted the death sentences of the state’s 17 prisoners awaiting execution. Some are relieved to serve life without parole, others are disappointed they won’t ever get that ribeye steak last meal.

Today marks the 10=year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings. Or, as InfoWars Alex Jones calls it, Wednesday.

A fan brawl erupted at the Boston Bruins/Arizona Coyotes hockey game last Friday, with one man having the tip of their finger bitten off. The fingertip was located and tossed on the ice in a failed effort to save it.

Good Morning America co-anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes have not been together since they were taken off the air for their sexual affair. They’re concerned about getting their jobs back, and more concerned they won’t be shown where to get great last-minute Steals & Deals this holiday season.

China’s hospitals are overrun with new COVID patients after the country loosened restrictions. Worse, patients served Chinese hospital meals are all hungry again a half-hour later.

Researchers determined snakes have a clitoris. “Where?” asked male snakes.

Review website Metacritic released its annual list of the worst video games for the Nintendo Switch console. The Worst Game of the Year was Postal 4, followed by Super Mario Bros Doing Actual Plumbing Jobs.

Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 disputed claims that Warner Bros. studio cancelled Wonder Woman 3 because she walked away from the project. However, Jenkins refused to answer questions while cinched in the Lariat of Truth.

Josie Leinart, wife of former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart, is hosting ‘Women of the League‘, a show where she counsels wives and girlfriends of NFL players. Her first advice is helping the women ask their men why, if they’re millionaires, they have second phones from Boost Mobile.

Viral video shows an armless man in a motorized wheelchair pointing a gun held with his foot at a jewelry store clerk during a robbery. The perpetrator made off with several Rolex anklewatches.

Bruce Springsteen reportedly sold his music catalog to Sony for $500 million: roughly $499,999,990 for songs prior to 1990, and the rest for everything after.

The NFL Jacksonville Jaguars fired head coach Urban Meyer after less than one year on the job. He’ll be replaced on an interim basis by Rural Meyer.

After two seasons, Disney+ cancelled ‘Diary Of A Future President‘ about a Cuban-American teen girl who grows up to become President of the United States. The creator is sad they didn’t make Season 3, where she teams up with Ivanka Trump to overthrow the government and become President.

Feral hogs have overrun a Southeast Texas county, roaming in packs of dozens and wrecking property in their path. Perhaps worst of all, they’re cutting the lines at the Chick-fil-A drive thrus.

90-Day Fiance star Stephanie Matto claims she’s made $100,000 selling her farts in jars. She claims she ate so many fiber bars to generate flatulence that she almost landed in the hospital – delaying a large shipment to Mar A Lago.

Ben Affleck said he abused alcohol while married to Jennifer Garner because he felt trapped, and that if they were married he’d still be drinking. Affleck said he’d sleep on the couch and drink scotch – 13 ounces, going on 30.

Hilaria Baldwin posted the family’s “perfectly imperfect” Instagram holiday card – calling it that because they only took one shot.

AT&T will comply with the January 6th Committee’s subpeona for phone records of members of Congress. Boost Mobile has yet to respond after Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Jim Jordan & others switched on January 7th.

McDonald’s reclaimed $105 million paid to former CEO Steve Easterbrook as severance, after proving Easterbrook lied about three inappropriate sexual relationships with employees, known only as Red R, Black H, and Purple G.

Actor Thomas Middleditch is accused of unwanted sexual behavior at the members-only Cloak & Dagger goth club in Los Angeles. Identifying him was challenging because it’s, like, really really reeeeeally dark in there.

A National Guard convoy carrying COVID-19 vaccines in Texas was ambushed by a 65-year-old man with a gun. “Stop them shots or I’ll shoot, varmints!” yelled Yosemite Sam, Anti-Vaxxer.

A Serbian model claims she was offered over $50,000 to seduce married tennis champion Novak Djokovic as part of an extortion plot. She hasn’t identified the men behind the plot, but if she does, they face racketeering charges.

A Philadelphis woman was apprehended after she shot a man and stole his vehicle, part of National Gender Equity in Carjacking Month.

YouTube relationship expert Derrick Jaxn admitted to cheating on his wife of four years. As for his behavior, his wife neither Liked or Subscribed to it.

Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson now faces 16 lawsuits for inappropriate sexual behavior. Multiple lawyers have now joined three NFL teams attempting to work out a deal for Deshaun Watson.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel dropped plans for a five-day national shutdown over the Easter holiday, following critical remarks from the ruthless, yet highly efficient, German Easter Bunny.

Amazon delivery drivers must agree to be watched by surveillance cameras as part of their jobs. Some say it’s an invasion of privacy, Amazon said cameras ensure safety, and give feedback on how drivers can have better sex with lonely housewives.

A daycare worker used a Sharpie to write “I’m Out Of Diapers” on a baby’s belly before sending the child home. Later, the baby’s mom flipped him over and found “Final Notice: Out of Diapers” written on his buttocks.

Nokia plans to build a 4G LTE wireless network on the moon – to be followed by a Boost Mobile store for astronauts with so-so credit scores.

Peloton recalled pedals from exercise cycles, saying they could injure owners who trip over them while hanging laundry on the bikes.

Chicago was named “America’s rattiest city” – with the most recorded rat infestations – for the sixth straight year. New York City’s Pizza Rat proved to be no match for Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza Rat.

A Texas executive was charged with the largest tax evasion scheme in history, hiding over $2 billion in income. He is currently deciding between fleeing the country or running for President.

A 14-year-old girl won $25,000 for development of a potential treatment for COVID-19, and pocketed another $500 from classmates hoping to sit next to her during the science test.

Instagram fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk – who claimed COVID-19 wasn’t real – died of COVID-19. His profile was updated to reflect he’s now a sickness influencer.

A sexual assault suspect was arrested in Los Angeles after barricading himself in a building on the Paramount Pictures studio lot. “Come out, we’ve got you surrounded, Weinstein!” said cops.

UFC fighter Kenny Ortega returned from a two year absence to defeat ‘The Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung. Ortega beat the Zombie’s brains out, then the Zombie ate them.

Kim Kardashian was interviewed by David Letterman, and refused to tell him who she was voting for in the Presidential election. Kardashian said she expects to cast her ballot right before Christmas.

CVS is hiring over 10,000 pharmacy technicians to deal with increased traffic from flu vaccines, COVID-19 tests, and refilling 72-inch receipts in checkout registers.

NASA and Nokia are putting a 4G cell phone network on the Moon. They’re also building a Boost Mobile store there for astronauts who have so-so credit scores.

R Kelly refuses to watch the Lifetime docuseries ‘Surviving R Kelly’ – detailing his alleged abuse of women – calling it a “vendetta” against him. Sources say Kelly is really pissed on about it.

A giant tuna sold for a record $3.1 million at auction to a restaurant owner in Tokyo. He then paid another $1 million for bread, mayonnaise, celery & onions to break the record for the world’s biggest, most disappointing lunch.

According to LinkedIn, ‘artificial intelligence’ is one of the top 5 hard skills employers are seeking in 2019.  And by artificial intelligence, they aren’t referring to lying on your LinkedIn profile.

Brazilian UFC fighter Polyana Viana said she beat up a man in Rio de Janeiro who was attempting to steal her cell phone. UFC President Dana White immediately boarded a flight to Rio to collect $40 from everyone who saw it happen.

Alabama police are warning drivers against stopping on Highway 35 to retrieve chicken tenders that were spilled on the road in an 18-wheeler wreck. Their plea will likely prove unsuccessful, because in Alabama, the 5-second rule is 5 days.

Kendall Jenner took to Instagram to say she struggles with facial acne, and to announce that she’s the new celebrity spokesperson for Proactiv.  Still no word which of her sisters will be named spokesperson for new Proactiv for Ginormous Butt Zits.

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is the new record-holder for most retweeted post ever. He promised to share $975,000 with 100 randomly-selected persons who retweeted him. As of this morning, the tweet had been retweeted more than 5 million times, 4.96 million of those coming from @realDonaldTrump .

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was absent from oral arguments in the Supreme Court’s first session of 2019. Ginsburg is recovering from cancer surgery, and from getting hammered at the premiere of the new movie about her.

According to a new law, Saudi Arabian women divorced by their husbands will be notified via text message. Which sounds terrible, but women getting divorce notifications from Boost Mobile probably knew their husband wasn’t a billionaire.

  • ‘New phone. Who dis?’ read a reply to a wrong-number divorce notification.

Kevin Spacey appeared in a Nantucket court Monday morning as his attorney entered a plea of not guilty to charges against Spacey for sexual assault. “How did he get here so soon after the Golden Globes?” asked a low-level court employee who hasn’t been keeping up.

The Center for Whale Research reported that a mourning mother orca carried the body of its dead baby for several days in the Pacific Ocean. The mother orca also tore the heads off of several sharks who told unfortunate ‘dead baby’ jokes.

Alt-rock band Jimmy Eat World took to Twitter to give the origin story for their band name. Most people gave it a half-minute then switched on to something else.

Moviepass reportedly ran out of cash to pay for its subscribers’ movie tickets last week, causing an outage in the service while they secured more funding. In the meantime, the Moviepass app gave advice on which theater exit doors were the easiest to open from the outside and sneak in.

Gun control advocates are trying to stop the August 1st release of files for plastic firearms to be made on 3D printers. Terrorists are already fighting with each other over guns they’ve tried printing, since they don’t know what it means to “open door A and clear jam.”

A recruiting manager for Amazon told Business Insider the biggest mistake applicants make on their resumes is emphasizing big-name companies and lofty job titles instead of achievements. She said communicating your results is the key to Amazon picking you for a $14/hour job with 90-second timed bathroom breaks.

In Palo Alto, California, a 17-year-old boy broke into a couple’s home and demanded to use their wifi, telling one homeowner that he’d run out of cellular data. He was shoved out of the house and captured shortly thereafter, with police dubbing him The Boost Mobile Bandit.

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti claims that in addition to Daniels and Playmate Karen McDougal, Donald Trump paid ‘hush money’ to at least 3 more women with whom he had sexual affairs. Avenatti is seeking to get their names, to meet his goal of having at least 4 female clients with ginormous boobs.

A woman in Scotland capturing video of a thunderstorm on her iPhone was struck by lightning, and claims that the rubber case she’d placed on the phone that day saved her life. Not only that, but she now says she can recharge her phone just by holding it.

Police in Navarro County, Texas used bulldozers to access and seize a five-acre marijuana growing compound. To ward off potential thieves, the growers had placed a scarecrow in a hammock holding an assault rifle. “Wasn’t me” confirmed NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch.