Tuesday Jokes: October 12th

The woman seen dancing in a viral video with Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer was identified as Cayman Nebraska. Nebraska said the attention is ruining her life, in an even bigger way than being named Cayman Nebraska.

Vanessa Wheeler, a Southwest Airlines passenger in San Jose, said the carrier cancelled six consecutive flights home to Las Vegas over the course of three days. Wheeler went from Boarding Group C to Boarding Group ZZZ.

The Las Vegas Raiders accepted the resignation of Head Coach Jon Gruden, following the release of emails containing racist and homophobic slurs. The emails were so bad, 2 of the 6 NCAA football programs trying to hire him now cancelled their interviews.

The state of Michigan told residents of Benton Harbor not to drink their tap water because it’s contaminated with lead. Or, if they do drink it, they don’t need much because the lead will make them feel full pretty quickly.

Heiry Calvi, a 41-year-old Florida teacher who admitted to sex with a 15-year-old male student, said when taken into custody that she’s pregnant. She won’t say who the father is, only that she and the 15-year-old are registered at GameStop.

Battery manufacturer LG will pay over $1 billion to fund the recall of Chevy Bolt electric cars due to battery fires. They’ll replace the batteries, and throw in a scooter for owners to ride when the cars catch fire again.

Paramount Pictures released the trailer for ‘Scream‘, the fifth film in the popular slasher series. Paramount changed the title after the working title ‘Stop Scream-ing Already’ tested poorly with audiences.

Superman comes out as bisexual in the latest DC Comics series ‘Superman: Son of Kal-El’, and prefers to be called Superperson.

Scientists in Utah discovered what’s believed to be the earliest human use of tobacco approximately 12,300 years ago – a cave painting featuring the Marlboro Neanderthal Man.

A Georgia police officer died during his first day on the job, telling his partner he was just 7,300 days away from his pension.

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