Tuesday Jokes: October 26th

Two climbers stranded on a steep cliff in British Columbia were rescued when nearby Sikh men made a lifeline for them out of their turbans and jackets. Everything worked out fine, but the men said, at first, they were worried Sikh.

A Sonoma County, California homeowner discovered a ‘rookery’ beneath his home – a gathering of rattlesnakes giving birth. He called a reptile rescue to have over 90 rattlesnakes removed, because none of them had health insurance.

Flash flooding and water rescues are underway in New Jersey as a nor’easter dropped 2 to 6 inches of rain on the state. 911 dispatchers received a record number of “hey, I’m drownin’ heeya” calls.

A hiker lost on Mount Elbert – Colorado’s highest peak – hindered rescue efforts due to his declining calls from searchers because he didn’t recognize their phone number. He also frustrated two different Grubhub drivers trying to deliver pizzas he ordered.

A cyclist in Alaska survived an attack from a 500-pound brown bear by repeatedly kicking the animal, then he watched in amazement as the bear stole his bike and rode away on it.

Police surveilling now-deceased fugitive Brian Laundrie thought he had returned to his parents home as they staked it out, but it was his mother. In their defense, she had shaved her head and choked her stylist following a bad haircut.

A TikTok ‘star’ with over 900,000 followers is accused of murdering his estranged wife and another man. His phone call to a lawyer currently has half a million views.

SpaceX is a ‘go’ to launch astronauts to the International Space Station on Halloween. They decided to go with astronauts since they couldn’t find any washed-up sci-fi TV actors in time.

Viral video shows a swimmer in Campo Grande, Brazil being pursued by an alligator, who bites his torso before freeing him and swimming away. The alligator is heard yelling at the man that this is a “locals only” spot.

Keanu Reeves gifted engraved Rolex watches to four stuntmen after they completed filming of ‘John Wick 4’. Onc of the watches was swiped and Reeves spent two hours tracking the thief down and shooting him and about 75 other people.

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