Wednesday Jokes: October 27th

Hospitals are gouging families by charging extra for routine childbirth by classifying them as “emergencies”. The families are challenging the bills, saying the newborns should be classified as “accidents”.

Delphi, an artifcial intelligence built to answer ethical questions, is being exposed as racist. Asked to describe ‘a white man walking toward you at night’, Delphi replied “it’s okay”, but said “it’s concerning” when describing a black man approaching. Delphi also wanted to know “what is walking?”

Democrats unveiled a new plan to tax billionaires to pay for a massive infrastructure spending bill. For instance, every time Jeff Bezos drives over the Golden Gate Bridge, it costs $75 million dollars.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine was authorized by the FDA for use on children ages 5 through 11. Democrats unveiled a new multi-billion-dollar spending plan to bribe children to get the vaccine with ice cream and video games.

Google releases their new Pixel 6 phones this week, much to the dismay of wives & girlfriends wishing their cheapskate husbands & boyfriends would just get an iPhone.

A toilet tube broke on Space X’s Crew Dragon civilian flight, spraying urine. Donald Trump asked how soon he and several female Russian cosmonauts could book a trip.

Excessive drinking during the pandemic is leading to a surge in liver transplants. Fortunately, excessive drinking & driving during the pandemic is keeping up the supply of available livers.

The Cleveland Clinic is testing a new breast cancer vaccine. However, they caution women to ignore emails requesting pictures of their breasts to see if they qualify.

The CDC added ‘mood disorders’ to the list of high-risk conditions for COVID-19. Women in marriages over 10 years should seek booster shots because they’re rarely in the mood.

A brawl erupted at a dog show for ‘bully breeds’ , with multiple men & women engaged in fistfights and chair throwing. The melee delayed the start of the show, which featured pit bulls dodging chairs & punches to maul men & women.

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