Monday Jokes: January 24th

Kansas State Wildcats center Ayoka Lee scored 61 points in their 94-65 win over Oklahoma, breaking an NCAA women’s basketball scoring record previously shared by two other people you’ve never heard of.

A Michigan woman who bought a lottery ticket online found a notification that she’d won $3 million in her email spam folder. She’s now engaged to a Nigerian prince she met via the next email in her spam folder.

Sarah Palin tested positive for COVID-19 just before her defamation trial against the New York Times was to begin. Palin, who is unvacccinated, may opt to get Russia’s Sputnik vaccine since she believes a clinic is very close to her house.

A&E Network will release ‘Secrets of Playboy‘, a docuseries about alleged abusive behavior of Hugh Hefner. It’s 10 episodes long, although most men will skip to the three in the center.

A man stowed away in the wheel well of a jet survived an 11-hour flight from South Africa to Amsterdam. The airline explained he was several frequent flyer miles short of an upgrade.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania passed laws limiting the hours of massage parlors, and making it illegal for customers or employees to expose their genitals. So far, 75 divorced guys have applied to be County Enforcement Officer.

A couple in Tamil Nadu, India – where in-person gatherings are limited – will have their reception in the Metaverse, so 2,000 avatars can attend, including one representing the groom’s deceased father, who’s expected to complain his son didn’t marry a different woman he’d picked out.

Actor James Snyder was fired from his Broadway role portraying Harry Potter, after repeatedly asking a female co-star for a Hufflepuff.

AT&T launched 5-gigabyte-per-second Internet service in Los Angeles, leading blond actors & comics to immediately sign up, thinking they’ve landed five gigs.

100 lab monkeys escaped after their vehicle crashed into a dump truck on a Pennsylvania highway. They were all eventually recaptured, and a professor will soon publish his research paper on why it’s a bad idea to let a monkey drive an 18-wheeler.

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