Tuesday Jokes: February 8th

In the wake of Joe Rogan controversies, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said they’ll invest $100 million on content from ‘underrepresented creators’. And another $100 million paying unknown standup comics to stop their podcasts altogether.

The White House’s top science adviser, Eric Lander, resigned amidst accusations that he mistreated staff, who were afraid of him. Lander’s favorite expression is “follow the science, or else”.

Oscar nominees were released Tuesday morning, with ‘The Power Of The Dog’ getting 12 nominations. Unfortunately, none of the dog’s powers are getting people to see the movie.

An 80-year-old nun was convicted of stealing over $800,000 from a Los Angeles school where she was principal to fund a gambling habit. She was sentenced to a year in prison by a judge, and sentenced to, like, a million Hail Marys by a priest.

Peloton’s co-founder and CEO John Foley resigned amidst declining sales and layoffs. And boy are his legs tired.

For the first time, chimpanzees in the wild were seen capturing insects and applying them to wounds as a means of primitive medication. Then they were seen asking the guy watching them for Neosporin.

Florida is considering a controversial “don’t say gay” bill that bans discussions of gender identity in school classrooms. The bill is sponsored by legislators who apparently have never been in or around Miami.

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, a pub in St. Albans that claims to be the oldest in Britain – having operated since 793A.D. – is closing. Scotland Yard is on the lookout for four fugitives who have yet to pay the world’s largest running bar tabs.

A Montgomery County, Pennsylvania couple were forced to deliver the wife’s baby in the front seat of their car when they were stuck in traffic. In lieu of baby gifts, they’re asking for the name of a good detailer for the front seat of their car.

Philadelphia is creating a new Citizens Police Oversight Commission, that will finally hear public complaints about police behavior, and also allow help citizens direct their bribes to the right cops.

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