Pearl Jam announced a brief tour of summer dates, with “fairly priced tickets” for fans. In turn, Ticketmaster announced limited-time Pearl Jam “unfairly bloated fees, even for us”.

Buzz Feed News will shut down. This will result in zero actual journalists losing jobs, plus you’ll no longer be able to take a quiz to discover which character of ‘Stranger Things‘ you’re most like.

Twitter began purging blue verification check marks from celebrities and brands who refuse to pay the $8/month fee. Social media sleuths are now on the case trying to decide which of 744 Twitter accounts is the real Corey Feldman.

Manslaughter charges were dropped against Alec Baldwin stemming from the on-set death of a cinematographer on the film ‘Rust’. The film will resume shooting in Montana, with Baldwin handling a selfie stick holding an iPhone in a bulletproof case.

A Russian woman living in New York was sentenced to 21 years in prison for attempting to kill a female friend with poisoned cheesecake to steal her identity. The friend survived, but is guilty herself about eating two slices of cheesecake.

A Colorado school bus driver is charged with 30 counts of child abuse for slamming on the bus brakes to teach young passengers the importance of staying seated. He also faces lesser charges of eating their snacks that skidded to the front of the bus.

An ultramarathon runner was disqualified and stripped of her 3rd-place finish after it was determined she rode in a car for part of the route. She was kicked out of the car when the guy driving it got tired of her fiddling with the temperature.

Barbara Walters’ Upper East Side New York apartment is up for sale for $19.75 million. It includes two spacious bedrooms, a Central Park view, and Joy Behar.

Because I Got High‘ rapper Afroman announced he’s running for President in 2024 as an Independent. He’s expected to take on incumbent Senileman, and GOP nominee Obese-HairplugMan.

A bear broke into a car in British Columbia and drank 69 cans of soda. The bear mostly drank Orange Crush, but appeared to stop when it tasted diet soda, because it doesn’t want cancer.