Monday Jokes: August 13

Former White House staffer and ‘Apprentice’ star Omarosa Manigault-Newman, author of a new book on the Trump Presidency, claims she was offered money in exchange for keeping quiet. Trump’s supporters and critics both call this “not the worst idea the Trump administration has ever had.”

Omarosa appeared on Sunday morning television to state that she recorded her firing from the White House by Chief of Staff John Kelly. Having appeared on The Apprentice multiple times, she said she just assumed someone should be recording every time somebody gets fired.

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan in full pads attempted to sneak on to the field during the team’s practice on Saturday. He was removed by team officials and called a press conference to announce his retirement due to CTE.

In advance of the Unite the Right 2 white supremacist rally scheduled for Washington, DC on Sunday, President Trump tweeted to condemn “all types of racism and violence…even the good kind.”

The Italian island of Sardinia is issuing fines over $3,000 for visitors stealing sand from the beaches. So far police have collected six figures from toddlers and Moms caught with sand in their butt cracks and flip-flops.

Two female former Nike employees accuse the company of systemic gender discrimination and failure to provide equal pay. They call their legal action Just Sue It.

A hippopotamus attacked and killed a Chinese tourist in Kenya. The tourist was rushed to a hospital but died of his injuries; the hippo is reportedly already hungry again.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa went from 140 to 175 pounds through mixed martial arts training, although he admits that 30 pounds are muscle, the other 5 are weed.

Miami University of Ohio refuted Florida Republican Melissa Howard’s claim that she graduated from the school. Howard, 46, is a candidate for state representative in Florida’s 73rd District. “Wait. There’s a Miami… in OHIO?” said Floridians.

Angelina Jolie returned to California as ordered by a judge in her divorce proceedings from Brad Pitt. She was seen shopping for weekly groceries at Whole Foods, so she upped her child support request by $100,000.




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