Monday Jokes: June 17th

Pet supply company Chewy raised over $1 billion in its initial public stock offering. “Who’s a good boy!?” said the CEO to the lead investment banker.

A Southwest Airlines passenger was bombarded with nude photos sent to her by a male passenger via Apple AirDrop. Flight attendants made an announcement for it to stop. The woman passenger was shocked, but pleased that the in-flight wifi worked so well.

O.J. Simpson started a Twitter account. Kato Kaelin is expected to join Twitter to take care of it for him.

CNN published a profile ‘What It’s Like To Be A White Woman Named LaKiesha’. Aside from the many other misunderstandings, she’s super-frustrated with all of the fundraising emails she gets from Blacks For Trump.

A mom said her 4-year-old son barely spoke until he heard the hit song ‘Old Town Road’ and started singing it. Now lots of people ask her to please shut up her non-verbal kid.

Mattel introduced Hot Wheels ID, ‘smart’ Hot Wheels cars that store data about how it performs in races, right up until your kid blows it up with firecrackers.

A shark bit an 8-year-old boy in the leg off the coast of North Carolina. The boy was rushed to a hospital and is expected to recover, and the shark has to register as a child predator.

More than 260 dolphins have been found stranded off of the Gulf Coast near Florida, Louisiana & Alabama. Scientists are baffled, but the dolphins blame Spirit Airlines.

Americans were outraged by a Tweet from Bill Cosby reading “Hey hey hey .. It’s America’s Dad”, then commenting about the importance of fatherhood. However, President Trump was relieved to see convicted felons get to use Twitter in prison.

President Trump tweeted about the “motley crew” of Democratic presidential challengers, reminding his followers that he’s the one they call Dr Feelgood, he’s the one that makes you feel alright.


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