Monday Jokes: July 29th

Russi Taylor, the voice of Minnie Mouse, passed away. “Now maybe I can watch a ballgame in peace” said Mickey Mouse.

Walmart and Nordstrom are opening stores that don’t sell anything. In the highly competitive brick-and-mortar retail space, they’re each trying to increase foot traffic from shoplifters.

81-year-old Bernie Madoff is asking President Trump to commute his 150-year prison sentence. Trump is considering cutting it in half, to 75 years.

A massive brawl on a British cruise ship was caused by a passenger who arrived for dinner dressed as a clown – proving that even clowns will get their ass kicked if they take all of the crab legs from the buffet.

Lauren Sorrentino, wife of ‘Jersey Shore’ star and convicted felon Mike “The Situtation” Sorrentino, revealed that she got a nose job before their wedding a year ago. Since his incarceration, The Situtation has gotten several physical modifications of his own, but he’s not as happy with them.

The U.S. Coast Guard released video of a frantic boat crew dumping huge bags of cocaine during a Pacific Ocean chase earlier this year. The Coast Guard seized 2,300 pounds of cocaine from the vessel, and the coke that went overboard fueled the biggest Dolphin Rave in history.

A Mom at a Payless shoe store going-out-of-business sale bought all of its remaining inventory, 1,500 pairs of shoes in all. She planned to give them to the poor, but the poor people are holding out for something that looks a lot cooler.

Responding to accusations of cultural insensitivity, Kim Kardashian is changing the name of her Kimono line of shapewear. She hasn’t announced the new name, but her trademark attorney is researching how to say ‘fat ass’ in Japanese.

A guest at a Memphis area Hampton Inn was awakened by a snake draped across her arm. The hotel apologized and explained that it must have escaped from the free breakfast buffet.

Las Vegas is being hit with a wave of flying pallid-wing grasshoppers, with hundreds of thousands of the bugs swarming the city’s bright lights. Residents say this is the closest they’ve come to a biblical plague since the Britney Spears residency.

NBA free agent Jeremy Lin said that he’s hit “rock bottom” and feels that the league has given up on him. He added that, as a Chinese-American with a degree from Harvard, he doesn’t know what other opportunities there are for him outside of basketball.


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