One Florida teenager died after at least two teens took turns shooting at each other while they wore body armor. In other news, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet has temporarily discontinued sales of body armor.

Adidas terminated its partnership with Kanye West over his antsemitic remarks. West said that, in addition to Parler, he’ll buy the rights to, and reopen, Payless Shoe Source.

WhatsApp suffered a serious outage on Tuesday, as technicians worked feverishly to restore users ability to send and receive encrypted nude photos.

Real estate site Point2 claims there are only four cities in the U.S. where the average American can afford a ‘starter home’: Detroit; Memphis; Tulsa; and Oklahoma City. Point2 admits they could probably afford North Dakota, but admit nobody really wants to live there.

A global helium shortage threatens the viability of MRIs, which need liquid helium to cool the magnets inside. Doctors say they’re prepared with a tried-and-true backup plan: unnecessary surgery.

President Joe Biden tweeted the federal deficit was reduced by $1.4 trillion, so maybe he’ll get Ukraine those guided missile defense systems for Christmas, after all!

A Michigan man was arrested and charged after a TikTok video showed him abusing a child. People who watched the video were then served up 50 more videos of other people hurting children.

Utah recorded their first human-caused avalanche of the year in the Wasatch Mountain Range. This followed several avalanches caused by coyotes hoping to kill birds using Acme-brand detonators.

A German doctor was ordered to pay the $13,000 medical costs of a woman who overdosed and died after he covered his penis in cocaine before she performed oral sex. The doctor argued he should only pay $12,965 dollars since the woman hadn’t made her copay.

Five tourists were stuck in Grand Canyon Caverns for 26 hours when an elevator used to exit the caverns stopped working. They said it wouldn’t have been so bad, but the mules they rode to the bottom were in the elevator with them.

Russi Taylor, the voice of Minnie Mouse, passed away. “Now maybe I can watch a ballgame in peace” said Mickey Mouse.

Walmart and Nordstrom are opening stores that don’t sell anything. In the highly competitive brick-and-mortar retail space, they’re each trying to increase foot traffic from shoplifters.

81-year-old Bernie Madoff is asking President Trump to commute his 150-year prison sentence. Trump is considering cutting it in half, to 75 years.

A massive brawl on a British cruise ship was caused by a passenger who arrived for dinner dressed as a clown – proving that even clowns will get their ass kicked if they take all of the crab legs from the buffet.

Lauren Sorrentino, wife of ‘Jersey Shore’ star and convicted felon Mike “The Situtation” Sorrentino, revealed that she got a nose job before their wedding a year ago. Since his incarceration, The Situtation has gotten several physical modifications of his own, but he’s not as happy with them.

The U.S. Coast Guard released video of a frantic boat crew dumping huge bags of cocaine during a Pacific Ocean chase earlier this year. The Coast Guard seized 2,300 pounds of cocaine from the vessel, and the coke that went overboard fueled the biggest Dolphin Rave in history.

A Mom at a Payless shoe store going-out-of-business sale bought all of its remaining inventory, 1,500 pairs of shoes in all. She planned to give them to the poor, but the poor people are holding out for something that looks a lot cooler.

Responding to accusations of cultural insensitivity, Kim Kardashian is changing the name of her Kimono line of shapewear. She hasn’t announced the new name, but her trademark attorney is researching how to say ‘fat ass’ in Japanese.

A guest at a Memphis area Hampton Inn was awakened by a snake draped across her arm. The hotel apologized and explained that it must have escaped from the free breakfast buffet.

Las Vegas is being hit with a wave of flying pallid-wing grasshoppers, with hundreds of thousands of the bugs swarming the city’s bright lights. Residents say this is the closest they’ve come to a biblical plague since the Britney Spears residency.

NBA free agent Jeremy Lin said that he’s hit “rock bottom” and feels that the league has given up on him. He added that, as a Chinese-American with a degree from Harvard, he doesn’t know what other opportunities there are for him outside of basketball.


A rhinoceros seriously injured a Jacksonville zookeeper during a training session, where neither of them did very well.

After being bitten while feeding a stray cat, a Florida woman was charged over $48,000 for precautionary rabies vaccines. The cat just assumed it wouldn’t be adopted.

The black box from the Amazon Prime Air crash in Houston has yet to be delivered to the FAA. The FAA got an email from Amazon saying a shipment label has been printed, but no delivery date is set.

Detric Lee McGowan, a South Carolina man who gained notoriety for mysteriously buying $540 worth of Girl Scout cookies, was arrested on charges of manufacturing heroin and fentanyl pills. “Look, we don’t ask where the money comes from, we just sell the cookies” said an agitated Girl Scout.

Michael Cohen is set to testify before Congress that President Donald Trump is a liar, conman and a racist — leaving Congress wondering what to ask about for the remaining eight hours after that first minute is up.

United Methodists rejected a resolution that would have permitted LGBTQ clergy and approved same-sex marriage. They’re considering a new resolution to change their name to Occasionally United Methodists.

Starbucks opened its largest location, a 32,000 square foot store in Tokyo. The store features multiple exhibits and a large meeting space, so employees can practice calling the cops on non-Japanese visitors who don’t buy anything.

Just a week after Duke’s Zion Williamson had his Nike shoe split open during a game, Indiana’s Justin Smith had the same thing happen to him with an Adidas shoe. NCAA major-college coaches are now seeing if larger sizes are still available at the Payless going-out-of-business sale.

Gerber selected Kairi Yang, an infant of Hmong ethnicity, from over a half-million applicants to be its 2019 Spokesbaby. Yang was selected because it was 5 o’clock and her picture was on top of the pile.

Viral video app TikTok is launching a series of online safety videos. They say it will help users navigate the proper way to eat detergent or snort condoms and pull them out of your mouth.


Uber is reportedly developing an on-demand staffing business, where small business operators and event planners can hire security guards, waiters & other temporary hires to sexually harass guests and coworkers.

Kleenex, responding to calls of sexism, is renaming their extra-large tissues currently branded as Mansize. “Whatever”, said a guy masturbating.

An off-duty Delta Airlines flight attendant is taking legal action after he was recorded in a cabin lavatory having a sexual encounter with gay porn star Austin Wolf. Meanwhile, everyone else wonders how two men, a director, a camera operator and a lighting tech all fit in an airplane bathroom.

A Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Dallas made an emergency landing in Albuquerque after a male passenger became belligerent over being moved because the woman next to him was harassed by his unwanted game of “footsie”. She said she finally complained when the game of “footsie” turned into “penissie”.

Presidential daughter-in-law Lara Trump told Fox News that the ‘Kavanaugh effect’ is inspiring women to vote for Republicans. Asked what the ‘Kavanaugh effect’ means, she said it’s like Stockholm Syndrome, only you sympathize with your sexual assailant.

Tesla founder Elon Musk said that he’s launching ‘Teslaquila’, a new tequila brand.  You can drink it while the car drives itself.

Rihanna reportedly turned down an offer to perform at halftime of the 2019 Super Bowl. A source claims that it was a show of support for Colin Kaepernick, and also because producers wouldn’t guarantee they could hide the bag she needs to carry a tune.

Andrew Wallet, the conservator of Britney Spears’ estate, is demanding to be paid $426,000/year because he claims his fiscal management has kept Spears from drugs and other financial mistakes during her Las Vegas residency. He’s also seeking damages for pain & suffering from having to watch her shows so many times.

The NBA is reportedly fining players for getting visible tattoos of corporate logos. J.R. Smith and Lonzo Ball have been asked to cover their Supreme streetwear and Big Baller logo tatts, respectively, because neither are league sponsors. Another player was asked to cover his Payless Shoes logo because it’s just embarrassing.

The first U.S. case of Andes Virus has been recorded by the Centers for Disease Control. The virus is carried by rats and was contracted by a 29-year-old female hiker returning from the Andes region. U.S. customs officials are taking steps to screen travelers returning from the region – especially backpacking rats.


A South Carolina woman was charged with murder after poisoning her late husband with eye drops – which he totally did not see coming.

A truck carrying Axe body spray crashed in Texas, sending the product all over an area highway. This was bad news for cleanup crews, and good news for the shy raccoon with no game who finally got the ladies’ attention with his new scent.

Nike chose embattled former NFL qb Colin Kaepernick to be the face of its new ‘Just Do It’ campaign, leading to protests from those who oppose his national anthem protests. Some posted videos burning Nike shoes and apparel – several kids were injured trying to snatch the burning shoes rather than wearing the ones their Moms got them at Payless.

An Emirates Airline jet from Dubai to New York was quarantined post-landing Wednesday after 10 passengers aboard reported feeling ill. Some say that passengers picked up at a stop in Mecca brought the flu on board – others blamed the Baba Ghannouj breakfast sandwiches that Emirates borrowed from Spirit Airlines.

In Iowa, a 50-year-old man accidentally shot his 55-year-old brother on the first day of squirrel hunting season. The victim was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, and said it was partially his fault for trying to get sunflower seeds out of a bird feeder.

NASA is reportedly considering raising money for future missions by selling the naming rights for launches to marketing partners. Branding experts are hesitant, saying nobody wants to be asking a friend in 15 years where they were when the Cap’n Crunch Shuttle exploded…

The National Hockey League is reportedly asking that Washington Capitals players – each of whom gets a day with the Stanley Cup – not do “keg stands”, or, inverted beer chugging, out of it. The NHL is worried about damage to the trophy, and less worried that players will slip and knock their teeth out.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand paid $145,000 in civil penalties in California for falsely claiming that Jade and Rose Quartz stone “vaginal eggs” would, when placed in the vagina, improve bladder control, boost orgasms and regulate hormones. Family-minded women buying them also said that the eggs were “impossible to fertilize”.

Kim Kardashian is making another trip to the White House, this time attempting to free 30-year-old Chris Young, a convicted drug dealer serving a life sentence. This will be Kardashian’s second meeting in the Oval Office, moving her two ahead of Melania.

Rumors surfaced that Melania Trump’s “kidney operation” earlier this year may have actually been another enlargement surgery for her breasts. The rumors were fueled by photos of the First Lady in a snug top, showing off her kidney-shaped bosom.



Scientists discovered a new breed of dinosaur, Akainacephalus johnsoni. The thing that distinguishes it from any other dinosaur is that it has a face full of spikes – as evidenced by a message found next to its fossilized carcass reading “cool piercings, brah”.

Former Dukes of Hazzard star Tom Wopat entered a guilty plea to charges of inappropriately touching two women from the cast of a musical in which he starred, and asking them if they wanted to see his boss hog.

Mondelez Global has recalled Ritz Cracker sandwiches and some flavors of Ritz Bits over worries that some may be tainted with salmonella. They ask you to check on any of your 90-year-old friends and relatives who still eat Ritz crackers.

An app, HomeCourt, that uses artificial intelligence to help you improve your basketball shot raised $4 million in venture capital. The first advice the app gives you is to take off the $15 Payless sneakers and brown dress socks.

Stormy Daniels’ husband Glendon Crain filed for divorce, alleging adultery – citing as evidence Daniels’ appearance in adult video Dirty Cheating MILFs, and its 12 sequels.

  • The divorce filing was confirmed by Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti, who said his client requests privacy as she removes her clothes and motorboats strip club patrons.

Wildfires continue in Greece, as officials there seek assistance battling the raging Greece fires, saying that waving their aprons and dishtowels at them isn’t working.

Former porn star Jenna Jameson showed off her recent 60-pound weight loss on Instagram, though some critics claim that the naked guy behind her on the scale simply took his foot off it.

A man was arrested for exercising naked at a Planet Fitness in New Hampshire, doing nude poses on a yoga mat while repeating the gym’s tagline that he was in a “judgement free zone”. Police also removed two other exercisers who were making the members uncomfortable because they were already in decent shape. [story h/t to Tara v A !]

French physicists tested bottles of California red wine from vintages 2011 and newer and found traces of radioactive material from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown. In a related story, a man was named Oenophile of the Year for his review of a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon with “bold notes of blackberry, subtle tannins, and traces of plutonium.”

The use of animal tranquilizer and party drug Ketamine is being studied for its use as an antidepressant. Numerous test subjects have reported sizable improvements in mood and reductions in thoughts of self-harm. Side effects include mild hallucinations and uncontrollable urges to chase tennis balls.