Wednesday Jokes: August 7th

NFL Superstar Tom Brady spoke to ‘Men’s Health’ magazine for its September issue. The magazine asked healthy-eater Brady what foods he has on his “cheat days”. Brady said he doesn’t remember what he eats before he has the air let out of footballs.

The Supreme Court will hear the case of a blind man who claims he couldn’t order a Domino’s Pizza at their website. Lower courts ruled not being able to get Domino’s Pizza made the blind man lucky.

Comcast/Xfinity will now offer their $10 Internet Essentials broadband product to anyone on limited income or government assistance. A Comcast spokesman announced the move, saying “terrible customer service isn’t just for rich people anymore!”

In the wake of a mass shooting, President Trump will visit El Paso, Texas – although many residents want him to stay away. Trump has now visited the sites of so many tragedies, he asked aides if this visit is a “thoughts & prayers” one, or a paper-towel-tossing one.

Disney announced a remake of ‘Home Alone’ for its new Disney+ streaming service. The story reimagines Kevin McAllister as a kid with a cell phone, and the movie is over in ten minutes.

A Walmart employee is urging a workers’ strike to get the retailer to stop selling guns. Walmart executives are concerned that they won’t be able to tell the difference between the striking employees and the ones still on the clock.

Two robbers stole 1,567 gold coins valued at $2.5 million from Mexico’s mint. Police are on the lookout for suspects with saggy, noisy pockets.

Researchers in Asia developed Arque, a robotic tail to be worn by humans that assists them in maintaining balance. It’s designed to be worn when ascending steep inclines, carrying heavy objects, or if you’re a rich alcoholic.

Highway patrol officers have a new tool to detect drivers impaired by marijuana. It’s called the Drager DrugTest 5000. It consists of a mouth swab, and a voice assistant that asks “are you holding?”

Editors Note:

Philadelphia comedian, family man & friend Michael Brooks passed away on Monday. I worked with him lots of times. A great hugger, a fine & unique talent, and a performer that crowds loved and who always delivered a fun, energetic show. He’s survived by his wife and young daughter, so please keep some positive thoughts in memory of a great guy.DSC_2252 (1)


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