Friday Jokes: October 4th

Google Maps announced Incognito Mode, allowing users to get directions without having a record saved of their location. “Finally!” said murderers.

Instagram launched Threads, a close-friends chat app. So now you can be even more sad when close friends ignore your pics.

Tesla delivered a company-record 97,000 electric vehicles in the third quarter. The stock price still fell 6% when Elon Musk said “that’s the last of the 2016s!!”.

According to experts, a small child is sent to the emergency room once every two hours after coming in contact with beauty products. The kids are sick, but look and smell great.

Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s biggest mobile game launch to date, with over 90 million downloads. It’s so popular, people in real cars are driving while driving.

Donald Trump told a crowd in Florida he thinks there should be a media outlet run by the government. He’s thinking of launching it with morning show ‘Stephen Miller & Friends’, but they can’t find any of his friends.

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano categorized Trump’s actions on the infamous phone call with the Ukraine “criminal and impeachable”. He followed that up by asking “is anyone hiring?”.

McDonald’s announced McRib will be returning to over 10,000 U.S. restaurants next week, replacing vaping as the new Number One U.S. health crisis.

Wednesday was National “Coffee With a Cop” day.  Thousands of meetings were scheduled between local community organizers and police, then cancelled when nobody brought donuts.

FBI and Homeland Security officials are warning about online threats posted encouraging shootings to coincide with the premiere of ‘Joker’.  However, they’re still unable to figure out threats posted to coincide with the premiere of ‘Riddler’.

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