Tuesday Jokes: May 19th

Pew Research claims millennials may have difficulty buying a home, because wealthy baby boomers are divorcing and taking the inventory. Or, millennials can decide to hook up with a divorced 60-year-old.

Kim Chavez, owner of Wyoming strip club The Den, spoke to USA Today about the pandemic: “We knew that once our doors closed, we were screwed until we could reopen.” Now they’ve reopened, dancers wear masks, and are screwed in the Champagne Room.

Anosmia, or losing your sense of smell and taste, has been added to the official list of coronavirus symptoms in the United Kingdom. “Great!” said the U.K. general manager of KFC restaurants.

As quarantine restrictions continue, more Americans are using their cars as office space. Some have even hired consultants who have extensive experience working in cars: prostitutes.

FC Seoul, a soccer team in South Korea, apologized after the team used rubber sex dolls to fill the stands, holding up signs for the company that makes them. FC Seoul players were even more disappointed, thinking they finally had groupies.

Grubhub users discovered that Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings is really food made at Chuck E. Cheese locations. They figured it out when the food was delivered by a giant rat who insisted on doing song & dance routines.

Apple Stores are planning to slowly reopen. They’ve slowly downloaded the reopening plan and are just waiting for it to slowly install before restarting.

An Ocean City, Maryland restaurant, Fish Tales, is enforcing social distancing by making patrons eat & drink while standing inside of giant inner tubes on wheels. The good news is blackout drunks’ heads just bounce off it.

John Krasinski’s quarantine hit YouTube series ‘Some Good News’ went on hiatus after its 8th episode. Its rumored replacement is ‘Some Terrible News’ which is Jared Kushner talking to a smartphone camera about his day.

The U.S. reportedly needs up to 180,000 ‘contact tracers’ to gauge exposure from those with COVID-19. They seek tech-savvy people with success investigating others’ location using the phone and social media .. so, dumped boyfriends & girlfriends.

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