Wednesday Jokes: June 17th

Kanye West applied to trademark Yeezy Cosmetics. He wanted to call them Kanye Cosmetics, but sister-in-law Kylie Jenner objected, saying Kylie Cosmetics customers would be confused because “Kylie” and “Kanye” are spelled the same.

Peloton will now allow users to register as nonbinary, but they’ll still kinda know depending on who hurts themselves sitting too hard on the bicycle seat.

Scientists say clothes will last longest using the shortest, coldest washing machine cycle. The exception being men’s white briefs, which should be thrown in the garbage.

Some Florida bars are closing for a second time, just a week after reopening. They made the decision after many customers got the 2-for-1 Special – free coronavirus, in addition to the usual chlamydia.

Some airlines are banning alcohol on planes in response to COVID-19, after multiple drunks almost choked to death puking in to their masks.

A new feature allows iPhone owners to say “Siri I’m getting pulled over” to start recording an interaction with police. It activates the video camera and stabilizes the image while you’re being harassed and beaten.

Country group Lady A – formerly Lady Antebellum – said they will keep their new name after conversations with a Seattle singer who’s called herself Lady A for 20 years. Seattle’s Lady A will begin calling herself The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

USA Today published a list of 100 things its readers can do to help fight racism. First on their list is “learn to read”.

A generic steroid, dexamethasone, has been found to reduce mortality in patients with severe COVID-19 infections. Post recovery, they also hit 33% more home runs.

New Jersey is expanding a program to place power-generating wind turbines off the Jersey Shore. They expect the program to generate hundreds of jobs, and the turbines to blow dozens of mob-boss corpses on to shore beaches.

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