Tuesday Jokes: September 1st

Scott Atlas – new pandemic adviser to the Trump administration – is pushing a controversial ‘herd immunity’ theory to limit COVID-19 fatalities. Asked for details, Atlas said he herd it worked in Sweden.

Today is Women’s Golf Day 2020! Just ask any of the pissed off foursomes of grumpy male retirees playing behind them this afternoon.

A judge ruled that Georgia ballots mailed by Election Day must be counted. Paired with slowed post office deliveries, election officials are planning a pajama party for Christmas Eve.

Google launched Google Kids Space, a kids mode on Android tablets that provides kid-safe apps, videos and games for children wondering why their parents didn’t get them an iPad instead.

Grand Prix motorcycle racer Miguel Oliveira,24, plans to marry his stepsister Andreia Pimenta, 25. They met in their early teens when his father married her mother, so they’re just making it official after living together ten years.

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil’s new body shape can be seen in a photo taken with his father that he posted to social media. Fans describe the new shape as “still kinda round, but less gross”.

A study of mice determined that regular aerobic exercise increases the body’s ability to cope in times of stress. The study also found that mice really love Zumba.

A man in Brisbane, Australia returned home to find two large carpet python snakes fell through his kitchen ceiling. Like most visitors, the snakes were disappointed with the food selection in the bachelor’s kitchen.

New Zealander Lucky Diamond Rich – recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s most tattooed man – told Guinness “I don’t regret anything”. However, the person who inked his genitals and inner buttocks has a regret or two.

Elon Musk’s new company, Neuralink, demonstrated its technology with a computer link installed in a pig’s brain. Musk said the technology is capable of summoning a Tesla with brain waves, but is being refined after the pig crashed three cars.

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