Thursday Jokes: September 3rd

Facebook announced they’ll block any new political or issue ads in the week before the November 3rd election. In response, the Russian government announced they’re taking that week off.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Fit 2, a fitness tracker that will run for two weeks on a single charge – which is two weeks more running than the people who get it as a gift.

Two gigantic black holes collided and collapsed into one another, forming a single, massive black hole 150 times more massive than the Earth’s sun. Donald Trump declared the new black hole a terror organization and called on supporters to kill it.

The Centers for Disease Control is telling U.S. states to prepare for distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine by early November. They’re offering free shipping, and free returns when they learn it doesn’t work.

Chili’s restaurant is honoring the start of the new school year with a $5 “Jack To School” margarita, made with Jack Daniels, tequila, sour mix and sugar. They’ll even deliver it to homeschooling parents starting at 9a.m. each weekday.

New York City reopened traditional gyms with new safety guidelines, but group fitness classes are still prohibited. Women are adjusting to the new normal of being hit on from six feet away.

A man fishing the Sacramento River in California hooked what turned out to be a live pipe bomb. But since he’s a catch-and-release fisherman, he returned it and blew up a dozen trout and both his feet.

150 guests tested positive for COVID-19 at the world’s largest nudist resort in France. Health officials blame the guests’ refusal to wear masks on their face and buttocks.

An Amazon delivery driver saved a drowning dog in Massachusetts. The dog will be reunited with its owner in about a week since they’re not a Prime member.

Walmart launched a $98 subscription membership service to compete with Amazon Prime. They plan to launch a competing video service as soon as Madea and Larry the Cable Guy can finish 20 more movies each.

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