Thursday Jokes: December 3rd

A new study from Arizona State University finds alligators can regrow severed tails, leading other scientists to question how in the hell alligators got to Arizona State.

The U.S. Department of Transportation ruled airlines can ban emotional support animals from flights – especially if they’re drunk.

In South Korea, high-school students spent Thursday taking the 9-hour-long national college entrance exam. Meanwhile, in Mississippi, students completing 9 hours of classroom work received their high school diplomas.

Former Presidents George Bush, Barack Obama & Bill Clinton say they’ll all receive COVID-19 vaccines publicly to instill public faith in them – though Clinton asked if he could see what the nurse looked like first.

3M is cutting 2,900 jobs. That’s according to a Post-It the CEO stuck on his desk to remind him.

Some Amazon customers in the U.K. who ordered Playstation 5 consoles received shipments of cat food instead. Investigators found the PS5s were stolen in an elaborate scheme involving warehouse workers and cats sitting on laptops.

Following his statement that the Department of Justice did not find election fraud, Attorney General William Barr and Donald Trump had a “contentious” White House meeting, because Barr insisted on eating something other than a Big Mac.

A U.S. Labor Board claims Google illegally spied on protesting workers before firing them. The workers said they found out when their Google Calendars added an event ‘Put Your Personal Belongings In A Cardboard Box’.

Lon Adams, who developed the recipe for Slim Jims, died at age 95 of COVID-19 complications, although arterial buildup of Slim Jim goop wasn’t doing him any favors, either.

Reno, Nevada set up a COVID-19 treatment unit in a parking garage. At least a dozen drivers have been circling for hours waiting for a ventilator to open up.

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