Thursday Jokes: September 30th

Homicides involving women have more than doubled in Philadelphia this year, as city leaders praise this bold step toward gender equality.

Congress is expected to approve a stopgap measure to avert a U.S. government shutdown, so government work can continue everywhere except Congress.

Irmgard Furchner, a 96-year-old former Nazi concentration camp secretary, fled before facing her trial for mass murder. “The accused is on the run” said a court official, before correcting to say “..or more likely on the walk, or roll..whatever”.

Facebook published two slide decks sharing its research on how Instagram impacts teens’ mental health. Because if there’s anything teen Instagram users like to look at, it’s 30-page PowerPoint presentations.

Dollar Tree hiked the prices of some items to over $1, and is considering changing the name of their stores to Big Spender.

A 57-year-old Michigan man reportedly drowned with a winning lottery ticket worth $45,000 in his pocket. Officials are waiting for the coroner’s report, but he disappeared after borrowing a blow dryer from a female coworker.

NASA reported multiple fireballs hurtling through the sky over the North Carolina coast last Friday evening – unrelated to the Fireballs hurtling down the throats of NASA employees at Friday evening’s office happy hour.

The Sopranos‘ prequel ‘Many Saints Of Newark‘ premieres tomorrow in theaters and on streaming, leading fans to seek out Many Ways To Pirate HBO Max.

Dog The Bounty Hunter claims he’s “closing in” on fugitive Brian Laundrie, taking the search to a “remote island” where he believes Laundrie is hiding – a remote island known to locals as “Maui”.

CBS ‘Big Brother‘ crowned its first black champion and winner of the $750,000 grand prize, who now goes by Wealthy Brother.

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