Monday Jokes: January 31st

Apple CEO Tim Cook had a photo of his house removed from Google Maps, a move that Google now offers to everyone who requests it, but is opposed by stalkers.

A scientist determined that the best starting word in the popular online game Wordle is ‘later’, and the worst starting word is ‘xylyl’. The scientist then visited his mentally-ill scientist friend, the only guy in the world who starts Wordle with ‘xylyl’.

Elon Musk offered a teenager $5,000 to shut down a Twitter account that tracks the movement of Musk’s private jet, then withdrew the offer after the teen demanded $50,000. In response, the teen is creating a new usage-tracking account, Elon Musk’s Private Jet’s Toilet.

Mompha Junior, age 9, from Lagos, Nigeria, is touted online as the “world’s youngest billionaire”, thanks to his wealthy father who gifted him supercars and mansions. The boy plays in the world’s only bounce house with six bedrooms, five baths and a pool.

A man mistakenly received a text from a woman – intended for her friend – who admitted leaving her bra at his house after their date “so he has to text me again.” She was right, as the man texted “my wife found your bra”.

A driver was rescued after his SUV crashed through the frozen pond of a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania golf course. He was treated for hypothermia, but vowed never to give up the search for the Titleist he lost in October.

Apple will allow “unlisted” apps – not visible to the general public, but available via a direct link – to be accessed through the App Store. The top unlisted app is Lonely 20something Substitute Teacher, which has been downloaded by the entire football team.

Microsoft said Windows-enabled computers need to be online at least 8 hours in order to “reliably” install version updates & patches via Windows Update. The good news is, if your boss asks what you did for 8 hours, you can say “update Windows”.

SpaceX cancelled a planned rocket launch after a cruise ship mistakenly sailed too close to the Cape Canaveral, Florida launch site, causing the rocket to test positive for COVID-19 and norovirus.

American Nazi group the National Socialist Party held a rally in Orlando, Florida on Sunday afternoon, as members of the White Supremacist group quickly turned into Red Supremacists.

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