Tuesday Jokes: August 2nd

Sylvester Stallone is reportedly angry that MGM is making a spinoff film about Ivan Drago and his son, saying the studio is “exploiting” his characters. Stallone made the comments from the Ft. Lauderdale set of the upcoming ‘Rocky’s Spring Break‘.

Cassadee Pope, past winner of NBC’s The Voice, clapped back at criticism that no one from the show ever got famous, saying she was just booked on the Emo’s Not Dead music cruise. Pope will be in charge of the salad bar.

January 6th rioter Guy Reffitt was sentenced to 7 years in jail for carrying a gun into the Capitol and threatening violence against Nancy Pelosi. He is, however, now eligible for the special ‘Patriot Rate’ for a burial plot at Trump National golf course.

Adolf Hitler’s gold watch – inscribed with his initials and a swastika, sold for $1.1 million. It was reportedly looted from his mountain hideout, and appraised at a recent stop of Nazi Antiques Roadshow.

A new study states eating ultraprocessed food is linked to cognitive decline in the area of the brain that controls ‘executive function’ – leading to the executive decision to have hot dogs for dinner every night.

Ayman al=Zawahiri, leader of Al Qaeda, was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan. al-Zawahiri was killed by Hellfire missiles launched from a drone whie he stood on his balcony. His reported last words were: “those are some big shooting stars”.

A defense expert claims the examination of the vape cartridges in Britney Griner’s luggage violated Russian law, adding that it might be the biggest human rights violation perpetrated by Russia in recent memory.

Larry Rudolph, a multimillionaire big-game hunter and dentist from Pennsylvania, was found guilty of killing his wife while on an African safari. Rudolph contended it was an accident, and that he lovingly mounted her head on the wall of his den.

A Mississippi Airbnb listing of ‘former slave quarters’ has been removed from the service. The owner had categorized it as a ‘bed and breakfast and 12 hours in a cotton field’.

Following the Sesame Place controversy, a New Jersey mother is claiming the Chuck E. Cheese mascot ignored her black daughter’s request for a high-five. The costumed rat defended his actions, saying he wasn’t ignoring her, she was just out of tokens.

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