Monday Jokes: August 29th

The Uvalde, Texas high school football team won its first game of the season. Fired Sheriff Pete Arredondo waited outside the stadium for 80 minutes deciding if he wanted to go in.

A new fashion trend, ‘dolphin skin’, has emerged on social media, to describe a glistening, hydrated, fresh-out-of-the water look. It’s led to a more troubling trend of people sharing pics of the dolphin skin around their blowhole.

Fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff House of The Dragon are angry that the new show uses the same Game of Thrones opening theme song. Producers say they were forced to do so after they requested, and were refused, permission to use the theme to Facts Of Life.

Actor Charlie Sheen settled a lawsuit from an ex who claimed he knowingly exposed her to HIV in 2015. Sheen is paying $120,000 to settle the claim of HIV exposure – and $10,000 each for herpes, syphilis & chlamydia.

Jennifer Lopez is angry that a video of her singing to Ben Affleck at their wedding reception was leaked to the press, because all guests signed non-disclosure agreements. She’s even angrier that someone else leaked that the reception had a cash bar.

NASA postponed the launch of its new moon rocket due to a fuel leak and another engine problem. The launch will take place Friday at the earliest, according to the guy who ordered the fuel gasket at Auto Zone.

It’s the first day of school in the City of Philadelphia. Facebook & Instagram have already taken down hundreds of Back-To-School pictures of K-6th grade children holding guns.

Flight attendants reportedly broke up a fistfight between the pilot and co-pilot of an Air France flight from Geneva to Paris while the jet was in midair. The flight landed safely, and none of the weak punches did.

To commemorate National Cinema Day on September 3rd, theater chains will offer tickets for $3 to see one of the 3 movies actually showing in cinemas.

Poe, the Baltimore Ravens mascot, was carted off the field after injuring his leg during a halftime Mascots v Youth Footballer game. Asked if he’ll play in future games, the Raven said “nevermore”.

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