Tuesday Jokes: December 8th

The Trump Administration declined to buy additional vaccines from Pfizer following an initial 100 million-unit purchase. Trump wanted to wait until herd immunity so he could get them at clearance prices.

President-Elect Joe Biden selected the personnel to lead his health team. They’ll direct the CDC, fight the pandemic, and remind him what pills he takes that day.

Tesla issued its Executive Diversity report, revealing its U.S. leadership is 59 percent male and 83 percent white. The only thing that’s more male and white are Tesla drivers.

TV movie ‘Love, Lights, Hanukkah!’ premiered starring Ben Savage, Mia Kershner and Marilu Henner. It can be seen exclusively during Chanukah on the Challmark Channel.

The official height of Mount Everest was raised by 30 feet – providing room for 10 to 15 more climbers to freeze to death.

Stevie Nicks sold the majority of her solo & Fleetwood Mac songwriting catalog for about $100 million, finally settling her cocaine debt with Lindsey Buckingham.

Wonder Woman 1984‘ screened for critics, with most posting favorable reviews, although several walked out of their living rooms.

China pulled action movie ‘Monster Hunter’ from cinemas, because of a scene where an Asian actor point to his legs and says “What kind of knees are these? Chinese””. Historians marked 2020 as the year Cancel Culture hit China.

Breakdancing has been added to the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. Vladimir Putin just ordered two dozen Black Russians.

A 90-year-old woman in the U.K. is the first to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. She celebrated with a scone and choked to death.

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