Friday Jokes: December 11th

Kelly Clarkson claims her estranged husband Brandon Blackstock defrauded her out of millions, singing ‘Since you been gone, I’m missing a lot of money’.

TIME Magazine named Joe Biden & Kamala Harris ‘Person of the Year’, becoming the first national periodical to forget how to pluralize nouns.

Over 100 Republican members of Congress and 18 state Attorneys General joined Texas’ lawsuit to overturn the election. To support their case, they provided the court with Amicus Briefs, and sack after sack of their letters to Santa Claus.

On Monday, the Electoral College will convene to confirm Joe Biden’s presidential victory over Donald Trump; but first, they will convene Saturday night for the traditional Electoral Kegger.

Target recalled over 70,000 pairs of light-up children’s boots, because parts can present a choking hazard. Customers will receive a full refund, and a bonus tutorial video about keeping children from eating boots.

Online gaming service Steam reported a new record, with one million gamers simultaneously playing ‘Cyberpunk 2077’. Multiple cities reported power outages due to simultaneous microwaves reheating Totino’s pizza rolls.

Ellen Degeneres tested positive for COVID-19. Her annual Twelve Days of Giveaways now include gift cards, trips, televisions, high fever & difficulty breathing.

SpaceX plans to test another prototype of its Mars rocket, just days after their last test rocket exploded upon landing. In other news, 10 monkeys submitted their resignations to SpaceX.

Australia cancelled development of their own COVID-19 vaccine, after trial participants showed ‘false positive’ test results for HIV. “See, we TOLD you vaccines make you gay!” said the top story on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club.

Marvel Films will not recast Black Panther following the death of Chadwick Boseman – dealing another devastating blow to the acting comeback of Alonzo “Hamburger” Jones.

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