Tuesday Jokes: December 15th

Attorney General William Barr resigned. Donald Trump said Barr will spend time with his family over the Holidays, so Barr left D.C. for Mount Crumpit outside of Whoville.

Cast members from The Sopranos will reunite to raise money for New York firefighters. The firefighters are deciding on a plan in case the envelope with the money feels a little light.

Vladimir Putin congratulated Joe Biden on his election victory. Putin said he looks forward to working with Biden, but probably not as closely as the last guy.

End-to-end encrypted messaging service Signal announced video calling for up to five people – for drug dealers who really want to get to know their customers face-to-face.

Best Buy will sell Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S game consoles online-only “sometime after 8a.m. Central time” on December 15th. Frantic parents can expect to be really pissed off they didn’t get one “sometime after 8a.m. Central time”..

TikTok will start hiding potentially disturbing videos behind a warning screen. Examples include scenes from horror films, animal hunting, and parents & teachers dancing.

Twitter user @jobreauxx claims a male passenger seated behind her died of COVID-19 during a flight, despite efforts to revive him, which carry a $99 additional fee on Spirit Airlines.

Pornhub removed all hosted video content from ‘unverified uploaders’. Then they clarified ‘uploaders’ are people who submit sex videos, not the men watching them.

Dr. Phil McGraw is concerned that quarantine will limit recovering addicts having in-person support group meetings, and that he’ll have a harder time recruiting people for his tv show at in-person addiction support meetings.

Workers at a Chipotle restaurant in New York claim they’ve been bitten by rats as they try to eradicate them from the currently-closed store. The rats are also unhappy that eating there made them sick from E.coli.

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