Monday Jokes: June 28th

Some California McDonald’s locations are offering COVID-19 vaccinations. Customers are happy with the free vaccine, but say the salt that workers shake onto the shot site kinda hurts.

Johnson & Johnson is exiting the opioid business, after paying out settlements to thousands of babies addicted to No More Tears w/Opioids Shampoo.

The Pacific Northwest is breaking climate records, with temperatures topping 100 degrees. Residents of Portland & Seattle are experiencing record cases of heat stroke; they want to support the sun because its product is cage-free and organic.

President Biden believes he’ll be able to pass a record infrastructure spending bill, creating thousands of good jobs and millions of angry Americans stuck in construction traffic.

Shootings in Chicago resulted in 63 wounded and 3 killed, in what officials are calling “Saturday”.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled teachers must complete police training in order to carry guns in school. Ohio cops are making extra money on the weekend watching teachers shoot paper targets of unarmed students.

Kamala Harris finally visited the U.S./Mexico border and defended the timing of her trip – saying she got an even better rate at the Cancun Ritz Carlton than Ted & Heidi Cruz did a few months ago.

Afghans who assisted U.S. troops during the war will be relocated by the Biden Administration to protect them from Taliban retribution. That’s the good news, the bad news is they’re being relocated to North Dakota.

Scientists discovered a way to combine bacteria with plastic waste to create vanilla flavoring. They expect it to take a few more months before it’s used in a McFlurry.

Cardi B performed while pregnant at the BET Awards. However, she was on a strict ‘No Twerk’ order from her doctor to keep from concussing the baby.

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