Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 48th birthday at a Beverly Hills mansion at a party featuring Hollywood sports & entertainment A-listers, and under-25 lingerie model C, D, and DD-listers.

A white middle school teacher in Pflugerville, Texas was fired after telling students that his race “is the superior one”. The school district superintendent admitted he should never have been hired, given his affiliation with the Pflu Pflux Pflan.

Donald Trump scheduled a “major announcement” for today, believed to be either his 2024 Presidential run, or that he has no intention of paying the bar tab for daughter Tiffany’s wedding this past Saturday.

Jeff Bezos said in an interview Americans should hold off on big-ticket purchases like TVs and cars, saving them for when the economy really needs it to lift out of a recession. Then after the interview Bezos transferred the $125 million needed to finish his megayacht.

Walmart officials said as prices rise due to inflation, more wealthy shoppers are turning to their stores for groceries. Walmart said you can tell they’re wealthier, because they’re wearing shirts under their overalls.

Ballet dancers are criticizing actress Sydney Sweeney’s ballet-inspired photo shoot, saying her pointe shoes are worn incorrectly. Fans of Sweeney from HBO’s Euphoria also critiqued the pictures, saying you can’t see her breasts.

The mother of a 10-year-old boy in Highland, NY faces charges for letting an unlicensed tattoo artist ink the boy’s name on his forearm. The good news is the 10-year-old now spells his name correctly on all homework assignments.

Google agreed to pay a record $392 million settlement to 40 states, after the company continued to track users location after they’d turned off location tracking. The remaining 10 states don’t get anything, since nobody really cares where people are in the Dakotas, Alaska, etc etc.

Police at JFK Airport in New York City found 28 pounds of cocaine hidden in the tires of a woman’s wheelchair. The woman was charged with drug trafficking, and stealing the wheels off of a farm tractor in her native Dominican Republic.

The United Nations claims the world’s population will reach 8 billion this week, as the world also marks its 1 Billionth terrible gender reveal party.

A Secret Service agent traveling with President Trump’s security detail died in Scotland after suffering a stroke.  Asked how they feel about their colleague’s death, fellow agents guarding Trump said “jealous”.

U.S. Customs & Border Patrol agents found nearly ten pounds of heroin in four egg-shaped packages at New York’s JFK Airport — along with two seriously strung out chickens.

A new study claims that cancer risk is reduced by eating dinner earlier, delighting 80-year-olds who want dinner at 2pm now.

NFL quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was spotted dining with porn star Kiara Mia in Beverly Hills. Garoppolo said they’re just friends, although they feel more like teammates, since her breasts are 49’ers.

The Transportation Security Administration is implementing more security measures, asking that travelers remove bags of snacks from their carry-ons along with liquids and laptops. This follows reports that a passenger ate an entire bag of Cheddar Cheese Combos and blew up a jetliner’s bathroom.

Ohio police released video of porn star Stormy Daniels’ arrest at a Columbus strip club for ‘motorboating’ several officers during her act.  It’s the first ever police body cam footage available via pay-per-view.

Six nurses that work together in a Winston-Salem oncology clinic at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center are all pregnant.  Said one of the clinic’s male doctors: “hey, we had a great Memorial Day weekend.”

Uber believes its rentals of electric bikes in San Francisco are so popular that they’re cannibalizing car rides. Uber is evaluating whether to offer tandem electric bikes for customers who miss having someone sexually harassing them during their trips.

Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina remains behind bars on several charges, including offering sex in exchange for a ‘position of influence’ with a special interest group. The position and group are not named, although it is believed to be a manager job at the McDonalds where President Trump gets lunch every day.

A woman from Texas was arrested for collecting 40 queen conch shells in Key West, Florida.  The queen conch is a protected species. She was sentenced to 15 days in jail, but got to keep one of the shells so she could hear the ocean from her cell.