Kanye West said he’s never read a book. For once, the world readily believes him.

Woody Allen said he has no intention of retiring. Coincidentally, Hollywood financiers said they have no intention of giving him any more money to make movies.

WNBA stars are opting not to spend their offseason playing basketball in Russia, citing the invasion of Ukraine and the imprisonment of Britney Griner. They say it’s a difficult decision because of the money, and the number of attractive Russian women.

Sources say Google’s new Apple Watch competitor, the Pixel Watch, will be priced at $349 at launch – and $199 when it’s on clearance six months later.

Peloton added a $3,195 rowing machine to its lineup of fitness equipment, so the bike you’ve stopped using doesn’t get lonely.

A new social media challenge has teenagers cooking chicken in Nyquil. Despite sending dozens of teens to the hospital, KFC is now offering Nyquil as a dipping sauce.

A Jack In The Box employee fired gunshots at a drive-thru customer following an argument over curly fries. The employee missed, but then the customer pulled up to the second window and was hit.

An Italian man tested positive for COVID-19, monkeypox and HIV all in the same day. He told his recent sex partners “I think you should get tested…and tested..and tested.”

A nurse on Only Fans says she was fired because co-workers were watching her adult content while on the job. But now she knows why doctors were bringing their laptops in to the operating room.

A 27-year-old man in India shoved an 8-inch can of deodorant in to his rectum, where it remained for three weeks until doctors removed it. They were able to lubricate the area with the contents of a can of shaving cream he’d also shoved up there.

A vegan in Australia sued her neighbor for grilling meat in their backyard. The neighbor countersued the vegan for grilling asparagus in hers.

Climate scientists say global warming has lowered the survival chances of the Great Barrier Reef to “very poor”. The outlook is even worse for the Average Barrier Reef.

Google was fined $170 million for collecting and selling YouTube data on children under 13. Parents grew concerned when their small children viewed ads targeted to kids who pick their nose and “feel funny down there”.

Purdue Pharma, makers of OxyContin, is reportedly preparing for bankruptcy. It’s so bad, they’re reaching out to addicts whose lives they’ve ruined for tips on how to be broke.

The American Vaping Association criticized Michigan’s ban of fruit flavored vape pods, saying it’ll only drive teens to smoke tobacco cigarettes. “We hope so”, said the maker of new Fruit Loops Cigarettes.

Presidential candidate and activist Marianne Williamson suggested that people use “the power of the mind” to divert the path of Hurricane Dorian. Which made nuking it seem pretty sensible by comparison.

Brad Pitt quit drinking – making it an even bigger longshot for less-than-gorgeous women to get their shot at Brad Pitt.

Scarlett Johansson said she believes Woody Allen never molested children, adding that, if she’s wrong, she’s 34 and rich so…whatever.

A 78-year-old Australian woman collecting hen’s eggs was pecked to death by her rooster. “If I can’t have you, NOBODY WILL!” shouted the rooster as he was led away by cops in ridiculously tiny leg irons.

Robert Pattinson told Variety that his last four film roles featured him masturbating. Pattinson, who’s been cast as the new Batman, said an early scene has him giving Alfred the night off.