Thursday Jokes: December 23rd

The United States will resume talks with Iran on an agreement governing nuclear weapons. Iran admitted most of the reason they wouldn’t talk with the Trump Administration is that he kept saying nuke-you-lur.

An Oklahoma middle school student saved a choking classmate with the Heimlich maneuver, then helped an elderly woman escape a house fire on the same day. And he STILL isn’t getting an Xbox for Christmas.

A potential breast cancer vaccine is undergoing testing – although young women are warned to be wary of teenagers in lab coats posing as doctors on Instagram asking for photo applications for a clinical trial.

A software glitch caused Google to temporarily disable the Call Screening function on its Pixel 6 phones, leading to record sales of extended auto warranties to Pixel 6 owners.

Preservation experts opened an 1887 time capsule stored in a statue of Robert E. Lee that was dismantled in Richmond, Virginia. It contained an 1875 almanac, two books, a coin, and an envelope containing five-star reviews of several different slaves for Confederate Yelp!

Kim Kardashian reportedly goes on group dates with Pete Davidson to keep estranged husband Kanye West from spiraling in jealousy. These are different from the “group dates” Kardashian filmed privately in high school.

Coldplay announced they’ll stop making music as a band in 2025, and also announced they’ve refused thousands of offers to move that up to 2022.

Governor Mike DeWine signed a bill into law legalizing sports betting in Ohio. DeWine said he expects all Ohio households to improve their income by betting against the Browns.

Google Maps added a feature where ‘most visited’ places are pinned to the bottom of your phone screen. They say giving the quickest route to favorite bars & liquor stores won’t prevent drunk driving, but it’ll get ’em off the road quicker.

Tiffany jewelers was sold to French company Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy for $15 billion. Human Resources then fired multiple Tiffany executives by getting down on one knee and asking them to leave while giving each a pink slip in a light blue box.

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