Collectibles maker Funko Pop will destroy $30 million worth of figurines to save money on storage space. They plan to recycle the plastic and make a dozen rare new Funko Pops of Brendan Fraser in The Whale.

Fraser took home the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of a dying morbidly obese man, then announced to avoid typecasting he declined the lead role in a biography of Marlon Brando.

The state of Delaware declined to renew a vegan car owner’s LUVTOFU vanity plate, because it could be interpreted as “love to f*** you”, and because the DMV fails to believe anyone genuinely loves tofu.

Apple is reportedly bringing new health-awareness features to its AirPods headphones, including the potential to test user’s hearing, and alerting them that they’re about to get hit by a bus.

A couple renovating their new Arkansas home opened a wall and found hundreds of empty Camel cigarette boxes and Viagra packages. They were even more shocked to learn it was the bedroom of the previous owner’s 11-year-old daughter.

Pope Francis marked his ten-year anniversary on the job, but he’ll probably just spend a quiet night at home with the boys.

Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant lost his sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola’s Powerade, but is rumored to be working on a new ad where he sips 5 Hour Energy for the boost he needs to punch a 17-year-old kid in the face.

A customer is suing Buffalo Wild Wings over their use of the name ‘Boneless wings’ – saying they’re made from breast meat, not wing meat. BWW’s attorneys are privately relieved the suit doesn’t challenge if they’re actually made of chicken.

Federal regulators seized the assets of Silicon Valley Bank. Worse, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled the toasters they were giving out for opening new accounts.

Blac Chyna is undergoing treatments to remove silicone injections from her buttocks as well as breast reduction surgery. She’s losing so much size she’s changing her name from Blac Chyna to Blac Jypan.

Serena Williams said in an interview that her male tennis coach advised her to stop breastfeeding her daughter. The coach said that the baby was getting in the way of her serving motion.

The Centers for Disease Control claims to have solved the latest food-borne illness outbreak at Chipotle. Their review of victims’ stool samples pointed to¬†clostridium perfringens, a bacteria that flourishes when food is left at an unsafe temperature. The CDC took a while to share results, since the stool samples and the burrito samples kept getting mixed up.

Elon Musk became emotional and teary-eyed during a lengthy interview with the New York Times, saying the past year has been “the most difficult and painful of my career” and “excruciating”. At several points during the interview, Musk had to stop so that a naked supermodel could wipe away his tears with hundred-dollar bills.

President Donald Trump canceled a military parade planned for Washington, D.C. this fall. He blamed local politicians for the rumored $92 million cost that resulted in cancellation, along with the fact that Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis turned down the Grand Marshal gig, citing scheduling conflicts.

Former ‘Home Improvement’ star Zachery Ty Bryan appeared on Fox & Friends, saying he think Hollywood elitists need to spend less time criticizing Trump supporters and more time trying to understand them. “Shut the f*** up” said his neighbor whose face was obscured by a tall fence.

Stormy Daniels withdrew from participation in U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother. Producers said they were surprised by her decision, but her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said that in every production Stormy has been a part of , someone has pulled out.

Mark Wahlberg told PEOPLE magazine that raising a 14 year old daughter is “a challenge”, adding that “(there’s) a lot of attitude, a lot of ‘you ruin everything!’..” — and that was just because his daughter had watched ‘The Happening’.

Forbes Magazine named Scarlett Johansson the highest-paid actress on the planet, earning $40.5 million from June, 2017 to June, 2018. “Huh.” said Johansson, displaying her trademark emotional range.

Natural Cycles, a mobile fertility app, is the first-ever digital contraceptive to win FDA marketing approval. It uses an algorithm to determine whether a woman is fertile, and should avoid unprotected sex. If she is fertile and is having difficulty refraining from unprotected sex, the app shows pictures of diaper pails and babies vomiting.

The FDA also approved a generic EpiPen. The generic EpiPen is expected to compete with the original, and also for use by people for whom 5 Hour Energy really isn’t working.