After being dropped by Adidas for antisemitic remarks, Kanye West showed up uninvited at Skechers headquarters in Los Angeles, but was escorted away by security. Other sneaker makers are also declining a Conversesation.

MTV is rebooting ‘Cribs’ – starting with a premiere episode featuring a dozen of them holding Nick Cannon’s newborns.

Shares of Facebook parent company Meta plunged 20% as investors questioned the company’s ongoing investment in virtual reality. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is unfazed, saying shares are up a gazillion percent in the Metaverse.

Medical experts are concerned the U.S. will face a ‘tripledemic’: COVID, flu & RSV (respiratory virus) this winter. Although smartphone gambling addicts are hoping that it happens so they win their 10:1 three-legged parlay.

A diver found a sixth dead body in Nevada’s Lake Mead, where waters are receding due to record drought. The man just happens to be a diver, he found the body by driving up to it.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti Hero’ music video has reportedly been edited to remove a scene where she sees the word ‘Fat’ while weighing herself. The scale now reads ‘200 more pounds til you’re Lizzo!’

Seven people were injured when a train ride derailed at Branson, Missouri’s Silver Dollar City. It was Branson’s largest casualty event since ten people harmed themselves sitting through the Yakov Smirnoff Revue.

Medical professionals say people shouldn’t participate in the latest viral TikTok trend: taping your mouth shut while sleeping. Wives with insatiably horny husbands say they’ll still take the risk.

Ford and Volkswagen terminated a billion-dollar investment in tech firm Argo Ai to develop vehicles without steering wheels, pedals or brakes, after a development meeting where Argo Ai presented them with a skateboard.

Khloe Kardashian called ex Tristan Thompson a “f**king liar” when he said he wanted to expand their family. For his part, Thompson, who’s fathered children with three women, admits she got the “f**king” part right.

Starbucks is closing 16 stores because of employee safety concerns stemming from open drug use in the stores. Starbucks is also considering dropping the popular Mocha Fentanyl Latte from other locations.

NASA shared its first images from the James Webb Space Telescope, the largest ever built. Included were an alien planet, a galactic cluster, and a veritable who’s-who of famous women who forgot to close their curtains.

Tiger Woods ripped LIV Golf players who ‘turned their back’ on the PGA Tour and major championships in order to cash in on the Saudi-funded tour. Woods said he would never turn his back on a golf tour, only on his wife or several girlfriends.

Elon Musk said Donald Trump should “hang up his hat and sail into the sunset”. Trump angrily declined, saying he’s scared of boats.

A 23-year-old Maryland man was rescued after falling into Italy’s Mount Vesuvius volcano crater trying to retrieve the smartphone he dropped. Ancient Gods from the great beyond said he lived because you can’t sacrifice morons to the volcano.

Abbey Gile, ex-girlfriend of New York Jets QB Zach Wilson. claims Wilson cheated on her with Wilson’s mom’s best friend. Gile has already sold her screenplay “QB Bangs His Mom’s Best Friend” to be made into a Pornhub Movie Of The Week.

Ania Palus, a lawyer briefly removed from the Wimbledon Men’s Tennis final for drunk-heckling Australia’s Nick Kyrgios, said she was “supporting him”. Palus then left Wimbledon to go to a local comedy club and “support” the comedians there.

A preview of Season 2 of Hulu’s The Kardashians features Kim Kardashian asking boyfriend Pete Davidson if she wants to shower with him. Davidson replies by asking how wide the shower is.

Owners of Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks in South Philadelphia plead guilty after being sued by the IRS for tax evasion. They also settled with the Food & Drug Administration on charges of nutrition evasion.

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider criticized performers like Ozzy Osbourne and KISS for having multiple “farewell” tours, likening KISS not going away to holding a “fart in a paper bag”. Meanwhile KISS fans attending their Farewell Tour can pay $40 to buy Paul Stanley’s or Gene Simmons’ farts in a paper bag.