Tuesday Jokes: November 24th

Donald Trump’s job approval ratings fell in the first poll taken since the election, from 46 percent to 43 percent. The other 57 percent split between “disapproval” and “thinking he’d already quit”.

Utah dropped restrictions on group gatherings before Thanksgiving – now Mormon men can celebrate with all 12 of their wives.

A new study finds Missouri is the deadliest state for both COVID-19 infection and gun violence. Missouri’s governor announced a new plan to curb the spread of COVID-19 by testing more people, and shooting the ones who test positive.

China launched a space mission to the moon on Monday. Stargazers can follow the rocket all night as it travels through space with its turn signal on.

Qantas Airlines said they’ll require a COVID-19 vaccine for passengers on international flights. Spirit Airlines said they won’t follow suit for domestic flights, but still recommend a tetanus shot since there’s no telling what passengers will sit on.

NBC News reported that Donald Trump fears his Rudy Giuliani-led legal team is comprised of “fools who are making him look bad”. Trump was applauded on Capitol Hill for finally being right about something.

General Services Administration head Emily Murphy officially began the transition process to a Joe Biden presidency, after learning Biden plans to give all outgoing workers a free Honeybaked Ham.

Melania Trump greeted the delivery of the official White House Christmas Tree. Then sped away in the flatbed truck as the workers unloaded it.

CEO Ed Stack will retire after 36 years at Dick’s Sporting Goods. President Lauren Hobart will take over, becoming the first woman ever in charge of growing Dick’s.

Pornhub is selling discounted Premium Lifetime subscriptions at just $200 for Black Friday, although they also have offers for Teen Friday, Asian Friday, MILF Friday, Gay Friday & others.

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