Some McDonald’s franchisees are choosing not to promote the Cardi B. & Offset Meal because the hip-hop stars don’t reflect the company’s “family-friendly” values. Their sentiment is echoed by recently-paroled, born-again Christian, Hamburglar.

Drug maker Eli Lilly said they’ll cut the price of insulin. “Sweet! But, not too sweet” said diabetics.

Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of crime-ravaged Chicago, lost her bid for reelection. The top two vote-getters, Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson, will now face off in the city’s first-ever mayoral shootout.

Elsewhere, Bola Tinubu was elected President of Nigeria – but other candidates called the process rigged, including rival Ruda Giulianu.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon told reporters “I ain’t going to jail” as he faces fraud charges for embezzling donations from the ‘We Build The Wall’ fundraiser, and routing them to his ‘I Build A Beach House’ project.

Justin Bieber cancelled the remaining dates of his Justice World Tour. Refunds will be processed just as soon as they pay Ticketmaster the $50 refund processing fee.

Twitter rolled out a new ‘zero tolerance’ policy on violent speech – resulting in the immediate suspension of hundreds of open-mic comedians who falsely claim to have killed last night in a bar basement.

Nintendo game director Shigeru Miyamoto said the inspiration for games comes from his childhood experiences in nature. For instance, when he was 6, he ate a wild mushroom in the woods and then saw a gorilla kidnap a blond woman in a ballgown.

Conservative CPAC director Matt Schlapp is accused of sexual harassment, fondling a male aide to failed Senate candidate Herschel Walker to C what he was PAC’ing.

China slammed a U.S. Energy Department report claiming the COVID virus came from a government lab in Wuhan – saying if the U.S. had bothered to get their facts straight, they’d know it came from a high school biology class.

Philadelphia Police are investigating a 5-year-old boy who shot himself in the thigh with a handgun. They don’t know how the boy obtained the handgun, and are attempting to interview Santa Claus.

Six years of Donald Trump’s tax returns were made public. Identity thieves trying to get credit cards with his Social Security number were turned down because his credit score was too low.

A hacker discovered a flaw in Google Home smart speakers that allowed others to listen to conversations. But the hacker got bored listening to people ask Google about state capitals and what time it is.

Viral video shows a man firing shots at a Buffalo store looter during the city’s recent blizzard. He would have fired more bullets, but the gun froze.

Nick Cannon welcomed his 12th child, proving his Cannon balls are still firing.

Melania Trump was reportedly worried that she’d be seen in a bathrobe by unannounced visitors to her living quarters of the White House, such as Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, and Donald Trump.

A Russian soldier got drunk and beat his commanding officer to death while the two rode on a military train on December 23rd. The rest of the soldiers then cancelled the remainder of the Secret Santa gift swap party.

Samuel Bateman, a fundamentalist Mormon leader accused of having over 20 wives, was jailed in Arizona on charges of kidnapping. Bateman requested his release on bail because he has seven wedding anniversaries coming up next month.

Chipotle is testing whether robots can make tortilla chips in stores. They’re waiting for the robots to recover from E.coli contamination.

Cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Klodas shared her four worst foods for high cholesterol: red meat; processed meat; baked goods; and anything that starts with ‘Mc.’

Tennis champion Maria Sharapova is pregnant. If you think the noise she makes when she hits a backhand is loud, just wait a few months.

NASA scientists discovered ‘micronovas’, the smallest thermonuclear blasts. They also call ‘micronovas’ the brightest ideas shared by the dumbest people who still work at NASA.

Veterinarians warn they’re seeing more cases of domestic animals eating their owner’s cannabis edibles. The pets recover in a couple days, but it’s hard getting the service dogs back to work after lying on the sofa watching the Doctor Who marathon.

Netflix – which lost over 30% of its value after posting a decline in subscribers – is considering launching an ad-supported version. And by “ads” they mean “adding porn”.

A boy in Brazil was born with two penises, and doctors had to remove the larger one because it couldn’t urinate. His parents sued the surgeon because the child was dismembered.

California police are allegedly playing copyrighted Disney music while on duty, so that the company will take down the videos if they’re posted by concerned citizens. No statement has been made from Disney about a supercut of cops shooting unarmed teenagers to ‘Whistle While You Work’.

A Swiss developer is building a 328-foot tall residential tower from timber – the world’s tallest. The condo association has already rejected dozens of applications filed by families of termites.

Thursday is the first day for legal recreational marijuana sales in New Jersey. New Jersey is also the only place you’ll find the exclusive Roy Rogers strain.

Following the Oscars slap incident, Broadway’s Tony Awards instituted a ‘No Violence’ policy, which, in effect, removes the last reason anyone had for wanting to watch the Tony Awards.

The Masked Singer aired the episode revealing Rudy Giuliani as Jack In The Box singing ‘Bad To The Bone’. He, of course, sucked, but stuck around long enough to announce his plan to expose Jenny McCarthy’s voter fraud resulting in Jewel’s win last season.

Walmart announced they’re hiring 50,000 more workers before May, 50 of whom are expected to still be there in June.

Drug overdose deaths reached a new annual record in 2021, caused by a surge in Fentanyl, and man-boosting Testofen in Nugenix Total T.

President Joe Biden demanded a faster reduction in gas prices. While at the gas station he also demanded three packs of wintergreen Life Savers and a bag of Werther’s Originals.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson is quitting after 13 years. Once a new CEO is confirmed, the Board Of Baristas will announce them by issuing a ceremonial cup with their name misspelled.

For the first time in the show’s history, ‘The Bachelor‘ Clayton Echard ended with every remaining Bachelorette either being dumped or rejecting him. In case you missed it, you can watch the same thing play out in every bar every Friday night.

Several NFL teams remain ‘in the mix’ for Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson. It’s believed the asking price is multiple first round picks to acquire Watson and his 20+ sexual misconduct lawsuits.

The International Court of Justice ordered Russia to cease its invasion of Ukraine. Moments later, Rudy Giuliani filed an appeal on Russia’s behalf.

A UFC fighter subdued a man who opened fire in a Houston sushi restaurant. If you want to see the surveillance footage, it’ll cost you $60 on pay per view this Saturday.

Marylin Miglin, the “Queen Of Makeovers” from Home Shopping Network, died after a stroke. Memorial contributions can be made in four easy payments.

Kanye West ripped Pete Davidson over Davidson’s joke about wanting to have sex with a baby. Davidson was also ripped by two dozen male open-mic comedians for stealing their premise.

Fox Networks ‘The Masked Singer‘ unveiled Rudy Giuliani as a contestant during a taping last week. No one is allowed to say what character he was, but everyone’s pretty sure his song was a poor choice of The Four Seasons.

The Masked Singer wanted to get Trump’s former Attorney General William Barr, but he decided to sing to the January 6th Committee instead.

A Florida boy ‘magnet fishing’ with his grandfather retrieved two military-grade sniper rifles valued at around $20,000. Then they spent the rest of the day sniper-rifle-fishing.

Ronda Rousey posted photos breastfeeding her baby backstage at WWE’s Royal Rumble wrestling event. The baby tapped out, burped, and demanded a rematch.

Milwaukee meteorologist Rebecca Shuld of CBS58 brought her new baby on-air during a recent weather forecast. The baby mostly behaved, but parts of the east coast were hit with an unexpected storm of vomit.

The U.S. Army will begin discharging enlisted men & women refusing vaccines immediately. “Alright!” said soldiers who thought it would take desertion or selling secrets to get kicked out.

An elite U.S. strike force killed Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, head of terror group ISIS, at a home in Syria. The attack destroyed the entire second floor of the home, which will be featured in next season’s premiere of Syria HGTV ‘Fixer Upper‘.

Actor Channing Tatum said he’s “traumatized” and can’t watch Marvel movies, because Marvel Studios wouldn’t let him direct Marvel hero film ‘Gambit‘ and cancelled it. Marvel said if Tatum wants to make a lousy superhero movie he should join the Justice League.

Shares of Facebook parent company Meta plunged 22% as the company reported declining quarterly user numbers for the first time in Facebook’s history. Even worse, when Facebook asked former users if they plan to return, they replied ‘Interested’.

Rihanna is pregnant, and was seen with baby daddy A$AP Rocky buying a bigger umbrella ella ella eh eh eh.

A huge forest fire continues to burn across parts of New Jersey. State officials are hoping to make it go away by billing it for insurance and property taxes.

NASA’s solar orbiters captured video of the sun releasing a huge plasma ejection. Then the sun cleared its browser history and smoked a cigarette.

Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy, announced he’s running for Governor of New York at a press event at Empire State Total Landscaping.

Government doctors advise colorectal screenings should start at age 45, because patients are nicer to look at than they are at 50 or 60.

China landed its first-ever rover on Mars. It’ll begin sending data back to China’s space agency in about two weeks, after it completes registration at the Mars Department of Motor Vehicles.

A Long Branch, New Jersey police officer was arrested for operating a meth lab in his house. Asked why he did it, he said he wanted to win the blue ribbon in the New Jersey State Fair cook-off.

A new report claims McDonald’s franchises are bypassing food safety protocols to keep ice cream machines working. McDonald’s disputes the report, saying they don’t have food safety protocols.

A father in Maine was arrested after his two-year-old son shot him & his wife with a Glock 9mm handgun. The man surrendered to police at the hospital, but only after complying with the shooter’s demands to turn on Paw Patrol.

For the first time in its history, NBC won’t have a sitcom on their fall tv schedule. This, after the pilot for ‘Untitled Chris D’Elia/Tony Hinchcliffe Project’ tested poorly. [story h/t to D.J.]

A six-foot alligator chased terrified pedestrians in a Wendy’s parking lot in Lehigh Acres, Florida. They were less scared, however, when they were later chased by Son of Alligator.

‘Entourage’ creator Doug Ellin accused HBO of “hiding” the show amidst a “wave of PC culture”. HBO execs dispute his claim, saying they’re hiding the show amidst “embarrassment”.

Louisiana GOP state representative Ray Garofalo said Louisiana schools need to teach “the good side of slavery.” The session was paused so confused Louisiana legislators could be told what “school” is.

Republican Orange County, California Supervisor Don Wagner asked the state’s health director if vaccines have tracking devices in them, drawing laughter. Wagner insisted he was just trying to debunk wild claims about tracking, and about a mutating virus that kills people.

Federal agents executed search warrants on Rudy Giuliani’s home & office. It’s unclear what items were taken, but agents spent the rest of the day washing black hair dye off their hands and clothing.

Joe Biden gave his first address to a joint session of Congress, opening his speech “with the first overall pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select..”.

India continues to break records for COVID-19 deaths, causing mass cremations of the deceased. The U.S. government has committed to provide much needed aid, sending vaccines, oxygen tanks, ventilators, and firewood.

Dr. Dre was ordered to pay $500,000 to estranged wife Nicole Young as part of their ongoing divorce. The payment may take a while, because, in accordance with hip-hop law, Dre must fly the bills out of his left palm with his right thumb.

After 17 years, newly-emerging BroodX cicadas were spotted in Quakertown, Pennsylvania…asking directions on how to get to New York or Philadelphia.

Fitbit is offering discounts on all their fitness trackers for Mothers Day. So go ahead, buy your wife or Mom a Fitbit and see how that goes.

VP Kamala Harris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi “elbow bumped” on the dais prior to Joe Biden’s address to Congress. They settled on the elbow bump after Harris tried, and failed, to get Pelosi to learn the 10-step secret handshake she created for the occasion.

Paleontologists say they’ve discovered the first preserved dinosaur butthole. They describe it as “unique”, “perfect”, and “tough enough to withstand the 10-foot long backbones of the other dinosaurs it ate”.

Donald Trump gave his final goodbye speech, telling a small crowd of supporters that he’ll be “back in some form”. Las Vegas oddsmakers believe that form will be either “convicted felon” or “bipedal lizard”.

Federal investigators added two more charges to Riley June Williams, the woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. Video evidence was provided by Williams’ ex-boyfriend, who will be the first person to collect reward money for online stalking.

Pfizer told Canada it won’t receive any shipments of COVID-19 vaccines next week, since it needs more time to make them maple flavored.

Alec Baldwin left Twitter, making his portrayal of Donald Trump more accurate.

Warner Brothers announced a ‘prequel’ to ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, to be released in 2023, called ‘Willy Wonka, Dwarf Collector‘.

Indianapolis Colts QB Philip Rivers announced his retirement after 17 NFL seasons, saying it’s safe to do so now that his 9 kids are all out of diapers.

A new study finds residents of multi-unit dwellings are more likely to contract COVID-19 – especially if the multi-unit dwelling has “senior” or “nursing” in its name.

Ivanka Trump wrote a self-congratulatory farewell letter to Washington, claiming she’d come there to “fight for American families” – specifically, the Trumps and Kushners.

Of the 100+ pardons issued by President Trump, there was none for ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic, or ‘Lawyer King’ Rudy Eccentric.

HBO will reboot ‘Sex and the City’, but without Kim Cattrall’s Samantha. It will be titled ‘A Lot Less Sex and the City’.

The New York Times reports there’s a nationwide sperm shortage, and women are turning to Facebook groups to find donors. Group moderators are having a tough time screening thousands of requests to join the groups from 16-year-olds.

Conservative free speech social media site Parler has been taken down. A temporary landing page directs Parler insurrectionists plotting violent overthrows of the U.S. Government to use Evite.

Melania Trump gave an official statement via Twitter today. She addressed the D.C. riots & COVID-19 while thanking supporters, and touted an offer for a $49.99 decoder ring to find the secret message from her husband in the statement.

Chicago Bears wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson was caught on a hot mic saying the f word during Nickelodeon’s airing of an NFL Wild Card playoff game. After the game, Patterson admitted to being a fan of You Can’t Do That On Television.

The New York State Bar Association is exploring disbarment of Rudy Giuliani for his role inciting insurrection on January 6th, and for causing irreparable harm to the public image of Just For Men.

Six inmates escaped the Merced County, California jail using a ‘homemade rope’. Prison officials promptly blocked HGTV from the inmate lounge and cancelled all arts & crafts classes.

Joe Biden nominated William Burns as Director of the CIA. “Excellent”, said Burns.

Samsung debuted a cleaning robot that doubles as a home monitoring device, so it’ll know when the coast is clear to steal your jewelry.

The FBI is asking for the public’s help identifying the man seen carrying a Confederate Flag through the Capitol Building, since no useful information was obtained in interviews with Bo, Luke, Daisy, Cooter and Roscoe P. Coltrane.

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis tested positive for COVID-19. They would have put her on a ventilator, but she’d put herself on one after exposure to Rudy Giuliani’s farts at the Michigan election hearing.

Nevada’s highest court rejected the Trump campaign’s effort to overturn the state’s presidential election results. Trump lost the court case, and the $100,000 he wagered at The Mirage that he’d win it.

Google Pixel phones now take screenshots almost instantly. Pornhub subscribers with Google Pixel phones have already used up all their onboard storage.

Venice, Italy was flooded as a newly-installed eight-billion-dollar system of dams failed to activate. Residents quickly turned to prayer, as hundreds were heard shouting “God, dam it”.

Nicolas Cage will appear in a new Netflix show exploring the history of swear words, including recent history, as Netflix subscribers rant that they’ve raised prices another two f**king dollars a month.

CBS is developing a ‘Silence of the Lambs‘ sequel series, ‘Clarice‘. Set in 1993, the drama follows FBI Agent Clarice Starling as she helps Buffalo Bill open a big-and-tall second skin boutique.

After an ethics review, France’s government authorized “bionic soldiers” outfitted with special prosthetics and cyber-implants, allowing them to assess battle conditions and determine the best way to surrender.

A shark attacked a 56-year-old amateur surfer in Maui, forcing organizers to postpone the Maui Pro surfing tournament in the same location. “No, really, you guys should have it now. I’m full” said the shark.

Russia is telling recipients of the government’s two-shot Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine they need to abstain from alcohol for 42 days, because it’s an immunosuppressant. So far, Sputnik V shots trail Stolichnaya shots by 1 million-to-1.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino is being reprimanded for only completing 15 of 500 community service hours from his tax evasion sentence. The court rejected his lawyer’s claims that “looking at Snooki” and “listening to Pauly D DJ” should count.