A new study questions the effectiveness of colonoscopies in detecting cancer. The study may not impact most adults decision to get a colonoscopy because they’re so much fun.

Every child at a day care center in Allentown PA required treatment following a carbon monoxide leak. None were seriously hurt, and day care workers saved the idea for the next time toddlers were uncooperative at nap time.

Actress Angela Lansbury died at age 96. Natural Causes, She Wrote.

Warner Brothers Television Group cut 125 jobs, or roughly 26% of total headcount. In a memo to employees, CEO Channing Dungey wrote “thbudee..thbudee..that’s all for your jobs, folks”.

British pop singer Rex Orange County was charged with sexually assaulting a woman on six separate occasions in London, and is now known as Rex County Jail.

Big Bang Theory‘ actress Kaley Cuoco announced she’s expecting her first child with ‘Ozark‘ actor Tom Pelphrey, following an average bang.

A self-described ‘incel’ faces life in prison for a plot to kill 3,000 sorority girls at an Ohio university. His defense attorney called it an unnecessary tragedy, since three drunk Ohio sorority girls said they might have actually considered having sex with him.

Georgia Senate Candidate Herschel Walker said of a woman who claims he paid for her abortion and urged her to have another, “she’s lying”. Walker is right, since he actually paid for three abortions.

Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys complained to a judge about the “medieval” conditions in his holding cell at the courthouse, claiming that it lacks a proper toilet, and wenches to harass.

Tom Brady is part of a group that purchased a Major League Pickleball team. Other teams in the league say they’re at an unfair disadvantage playing Brady’s team because they’re getting hit with a ton of Roughing The Pickle calls.

Three-Michelin-star restaurant The Restaurant at Meadowood burned down in California wildfires. On the plus side, it’s now easier than ever to get a table.

The CDC released guidelines for Thanksgiving celebrations. They recommend keeping gatherings small and throwing jellied cranberry sauce in the garbage where it belongs.

Shots were fired during a brawl at Reaper’s Realm haunted house attraction in North Carolina. Unfortunately the bullets were unable to stop the werewolf.

A hiker fell 100 feet to his death while posing for a photo on an Oregon trail. “That is a nice picture, though” said someone looking at a framed copy next to the casket.

Actor Jim Parsons told Jimmy Fallon he contracted COVID-19 in March, adding that he lost his sense of taste, because he spent his recovery watching ‘Two Broke Girls’.

Eric Trump told Fox & Friends that he’s “part of the LGBT” community. Asked to clarify, he said “T for Trump”.

Disney is cutting 28,000 jobs at theme parks due to reduced attendance. Disney is now an even smaller world.

Astronauts on the International Space Station have detected the source of an air leak that had been growing in size. NASA now plans to finish repairs once they can get the Flex Seal guy into space.

Walmart is redesigning stores to make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Each store will now have ten exits.

40,000 airline workers are expected to be furloughed. Airlines would like to start the layoff process by dismissing members of the Platinum Elite Employees Club.