A new study questions the effectiveness of colonoscopies in detecting cancer. The study may not impact most adults decision to get a colonoscopy because they’re so much fun.

Every child at a day care center in Allentown PA required treatment following a carbon monoxide leak. None were seriously hurt, and day care workers saved the idea for the next time toddlers were uncooperative at nap time.

Actress Angela Lansbury died at age 96. Natural Causes, She Wrote.

Warner Brothers Television Group cut 125 jobs, or roughly 26% of total headcount. In a memo to employees, CEO Channing Dungey wrote “thbudee..thbudee..that’s all for your jobs, folks”.

British pop singer Rex Orange County was charged with sexually assaulting a woman on six separate occasions in London, and is now known as Rex County Jail.

Big Bang Theory‘ actress Kaley Cuoco announced she’s expecting her first child with ‘Ozark‘ actor Tom Pelphrey, following an average bang.

A self-described ‘incel’ faces life in prison for a plot to kill 3,000 sorority girls at an Ohio university. His defense attorney called it an unnecessary tragedy, since three drunk Ohio sorority girls said they might have actually considered having sex with him.

Georgia Senate Candidate Herschel Walker said of a woman who claims he paid for her abortion and urged her to have another, “she’s lying”. Walker is right, since he actually paid for three abortions.

Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys complained to a judge about the “medieval” conditions in his holding cell at the courthouse, claiming that it lacks a proper toilet, and wenches to harass.

Tom Brady is part of a group that purchased a Major League Pickleball team. Other teams in the league say they’re at an unfair disadvantage playing Brady’s team because they’re getting hit with a ton of Roughing The Pickle calls.

Disney Parks announced the reopening of Typhoon Lagoon, a water park that’s been closed for two years. The current wait time for a water slide is two years.

A middle-aged man participating in the Coney Island Polar Plunge on New Years Day suffered a heart attack and had to be dragged from the ocean, where he was given CPR and left in an ambulance. Onlookers called it “the least-sexy Baywatch episode ever”.

Scientists are worried about the spread of COVID-19 from humans to deer, who are contracting it from close contact with the front bumpers of cars.

Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal Twitter account was permanently suspended after posting lies about deaths from COVID vaccines. She’s allowed to keep her professional account, because lies from Congress are considered standard.

The January 6th Committee has “firsthand” knowledge of Donald Trump watching the riots on tv and doing nothing – specifically, a recorded call from Trump to Xfinity customer service because Fox News had briefly gone off-air.

Ghislaine Maxwell has reportedly been placed on “suicide watch”. Following the death of Jeffrey Epstein, prison officials increased the detail from two guards to four who won’t do anything about it.

An Australian man protesting the country’s vaccine mandates set himself on fire. He was rescued and listed in critical but stable condition at a nearby hospital, where he added he also was protesting the high price of the gasoline he used.

Police in Amsterdam used riot gear and attack dogs to disperse a crowd gathered to protest public gatherings. Video shows a German Shepherd locking on a protester’s arm, then later locking down on his handler’s arm after he tried to swab the dog’s nose for COVID.

Actress Betty White passed away at age 99. Televised celebrations of her 100th birthday will still go ahead as planned, with other nonagenarian actresses led by Angela Lansbury taking 20 minutes to blow out all the birthday candles.

Inmates at the prison which once housed Bill Cosby still call him several times a week. Most are seeking guidance, others are looking for drink-mixing advice to welcome their new cellmate.

CNN declined an invitation to the White House Christmas Party this Friday, citing the President’s continued attacks on freedom of the press. The party is seen as a time for reporters to mingle with administration officials, and to hear carolers sing some of the President’s seasonal favorites like “White Christmas” and “Blood and Soil”.

Melania Trump also declined an invitation to the White House Christmas Party, saying she has a thing she booked over a year ago.

A New Hampshire doctor who refuses to use a computer lost her medical license, but continues to practice because she never got the email.

Victoria became the first Australian state to legalize euthanasia. Soon, terminally ill patients will be able to box a kangaroo to their death.

Bitcoin topped $11,000 for the first time, leading confused, cash-strapped seniors to turn the pockets of their church pants inside-out looking for one.

Matt Lauer was fired by NBC News after a report of sexual misconduct at the Sochi Winter Olympics. The news was reported by NBC’s Brian Williams, who filed a story that he witnessed the alleged misconduct, rescued the woman and then won a gold medal in men’s alpine ski jumping.

The United Kingdom will allow over-the-counter Viagra sales starting in the spring. The move is expected to create hundreds of new jobs as middle-aged men pay teenagers to go buy Viagra for them.

Marvel Studios released a new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War —¬†depicting Iron Man, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow and about 20 other Marvel heroes checking their watches 90 minutes into¬†Justice League.

ESPN is laying off 150 more employees, none of whom are Rex Ryan or Randy Moss. Come on, man!

92-year-old actress Angela Lansbury stirred controversy when she said that women must sometimes “take the blame” for men’s sexual harassment. Many reacted in disbelief that Lansbury was actually pretty hot-looking 70 years ago.