A new study questions the effectiveness of colonoscopies in detecting cancer. The study may not impact most adults decision to get a colonoscopy because they’re so much fun.

Every child at a day care center in Allentown PA required treatment following a carbon monoxide leak. None were seriously hurt, and day care workers saved the idea for the next time toddlers were uncooperative at nap time.

Actress Angela Lansbury died at age 96. Natural Causes, She Wrote.

Warner Brothers Television Group cut 125 jobs, or roughly 26% of total headcount. In a memo to employees, CEO Channing Dungey wrote “thbudee..thbudee..that’s all for your jobs, folks”.

British pop singer Rex Orange County was charged with sexually assaulting a woman on six separate occasions in London, and is now known as Rex County Jail.

Big Bang Theory‘ actress Kaley Cuoco announced she’s expecting her first child with ‘Ozark‘ actor Tom Pelphrey, following an average bang.

A self-described ‘incel’ faces life in prison for a plot to kill 3,000 sorority girls at an Ohio university. His defense attorney called it an unnecessary tragedy, since three drunk Ohio sorority girls said they might have actually considered having sex with him.

Georgia Senate Candidate Herschel Walker said of a woman who claims he paid for her abortion and urged her to have another, “she’s lying”. Walker is right, since he actually paid for three abortions.

Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys complained to a judge about the “medieval” conditions in his holding cell at the courthouse, claiming that it lacks a proper toilet, and wenches to harass.

Tom Brady is part of a group that purchased a Major League Pickleball team. Other teams in the league say they’re at an unfair disadvantage playing Brady’s team because they’re getting hit with a ton of Roughing The Pickle calls.

Sprite will switch from green to clear bottles in order to make the plastic more recyclable. Meanwhile, Mountain Dew may move exclusively to aluminum cans & bottles so no one ever has to see what it looks like.

Sesame Place theme park is now the target of a class action lawsuit over racial discrimination, accusing costumed characters of ignoring black children. Sesame Place offered no comment through its game show host-turned-attorney, Guy Smiley.

The family of deceased Kyung Ja Kim sued a New Jersey funeral home for $50 million for putting the wrong body in her casket, which they discovered at the church funeral. The funeral home apologized, but asked “what are the odds two different Korean corpses have the last name Kim?”

Google’s Gmail is rolling out a new look to all users, but assures everyone that it will still take 10 minutes to find a draft reply you saved earlier.

Emmy Nominee and ‘Euphoria‘ star Sydney Sweeney said she “won’t stop” doing nude scenes. “NOW she tells me” said Harvey Weinstein.

For the first time ever, Comcast/Xfinity posted a quarterly decline in broadband internet subscribers. CEO Brian Roberts said they remain at 32.2 million broadband customers, thanks to their efforts keeping 250,000 subscribers on hold while they try to cancel service.

Rare footage off the coast of South Africa shows three orcas killing a great white shark to eat its liver. One orca carried the shark, the other two carried the onions.

JetBlue reached an agreement to purchase Spirit Airlines, creating the U.S.’ fifth-largest provider of cancelled flights.

The United States Gross Domestic Product dropped 0.9% in the second quarter, signaling a possible recession. Inflation also caused a drop in U.S.’ consumption of Spam and scrapple, the country’s Grossest Domestic Products.

A South Carolina woman’s doorbell camera captured footage of a bear ringing the bell at 3:30 a.m. She used the speaker to tell the bear to come back at 10 a.m. after her husband left for work.

AMC Theatres will charge a higher ticket price to see popular films, starting with ‘The Batman’. They decided on this money-making approach after rejecting an idea to make people pay for ‘The Bathroom‘.

Exonerated Central Park 5 defendant Raymond Santana Jr is divorcing his wife of 20 months, Flavor Of Love contestant Chandra ‘Deelishis’ Davis, claiming what was once Deelishis is now Spoyyldd.

A Tennessee woman will serve a two-year sentence for passing a balloon filled with drugs to a male Pennsylvania inmate during an open-mouth kiss. Guards thought the balloon was her tongue, but then noticed Happy Birthday Leon printed on it.

The popularity of Pickleball is leading to angry confrontations with homeowners who live near parks, saying the sport makes too much noise. They cite the pop of the ball hitting the paddle, and the ambulances and screams after senior heart attacks.

Harvey Weinstein was caught with contraband Milk Duds in his prison cell. Surveillance video captured Weinstein exposing his genitals to the candy, asking if it wanted to be in a movie.

A new study claims resistance/weight training is better for sleep than cardio. Doctors suggest an easy way to weight train is to let your overweight partner get on top.

Microsoft will discontinue the sale of new products and services in Russia, but will continue its repair program for Siberia’s most popular portable music player, Zune.

Twitter is expanding Birdwatch, a user-generated fact-checking program, but promised the user experience will still be dominated by lousy jokes, cat pictures and partisan politics.

NASA invited Americans to submit their names for addition to a drive that will circle the Moon in an upcoming Artemis mission. However, NASA also said they’ll no longer accept submissions from Mike Hunt, Luke Likesheet, Barry McCockiner and others.

Actor Jason Momoa said his separation from Lisa Bonet is “hard enough” in the public eye – but that freedom to hook up with dozens of younger chicks in private is “not that hard”.

Shakira said she was attacked by wild boars who stole her purse while walking in Barcelona, but that it was still a better experience than meeting Harvey Weinstein to discuss a possible movie role.

Mick Jagger reportedly went unnoticed while visiting the Thirsty Beaver bar in Charlotte, North Carolina. Meanwhile a conflicting report claims a 78-year-old British guy was kicked out for strutting around like a chicken.

Dancing With The Stars professional dancer Cheryl Burke and her partner, Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby, both tested positive for COVID-19, despite each getting a paso doble-dose of vaccine.

Irmgard Furcher, the 96-year-old Nazi secretary who’d fled prior to her court trial to face concentration-camp murders, was captured and remanded to custody. She faces life in prison, or 90 days, whichever comes first.

McDonald’s is bringing back McRib, as the CDC expresses concern over the U.S.’ ability to handle another national health crisis.

Amazon introduced Astro, a new personal robot. It sells for $999, and completed extensive rigorous testing from Amazon warehouse employees tasking it with emptying their urine bottles.

Customs officials in Philadelphia seized $6.5 million in counterfeit U.S. currency from Russia, after confusing it with their annual bribe.

El Salvador is using energy from volcanoes to mine Bitcoin. Although a dozen miners died plugging the computers into the volcano.

The City of Philadelphia’s plastic bag ban begins today, leading to price hikes on street drugs as dealers scramble to find tiny paper bags.

Walt Disney World opened 50 years ago today, an anniversary celebrated by a now-70-year-old couple who arrived on opening day, and have almost reached the front of the line for Space Mountain.

City of Philadelphia public schools will all have a gender neutral bathroom this fall, ensuring trans & non-binary students have a place to smoke and buy drugs.

Several matches at the recently-completed Wimbledon tennis championships are being investigated for alleged fixing – starting with the ones where players used badminton racquets.

Qanon believers are becoming increasingly prevalent in California yoga & spirituality communities – beginning and ending classes wih ‘Don Must Stay’.

A white “Karen” was recorded attacking a black woman in a Victoria’s Secret in New Jersey. She was escorted away by police after getting several of her panties in a bunch.

Conor McGregor received a six-month medical suspension, preventing him from fighting while he recovers from a broken leg. This upends McGregor’s plan to fight sooner by grabbing the leg with his arm and hitting his opponent with it.

A Cleveland hospital mistakenly transplanted a new kidney to the wrong patient. Worse, the patient can only return it for store credit instead of a refund.

Gillian Anderson will no longer wear a bra. The truth – and her nipple – is out there.

Astronomers sighted a rare teardrop-shaped star – meaning, it killed another star.

Extreme heat is killing salmon in the Sacramento River. It’s so bad, instead of trying to swim upstream to escape it, they’re booking flights.

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman are now officially divorced. A judge signed off on the terms, including a custody arrangement where their two kids spend every other weekend in prison.

TikTok removed 7 million accounts of underage users. “TikTok sucks” said pedophiles.

A boy was bitten by a shark at a Boy Scout camp near Catalina Island, California. The boy is recovering, and the shark received its Biting Children merit badge.

Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg was indicted on tax evasion charges. As evidence, the New York District Attorney submitted Weisselberg’s resume, where in the Skills section he listed Tax Evasion.

Joe Biden is expected is to meet with rescue teams at the fallen Champlain Towers condo building in Miami, then he’ll meet with EMTs to fix whatever happens to him as he walks across the rubble.

China’s President Xi Jinping said that those who attempt to bully China will face “broken heads and bloodshed” – in what’s being called “the weirdest anti-bullying speech ever”.

Conservative commenter Meghan McCain is leaving ‘The View’. ABC executives reportedly begged her to stay, saying their effort to find another entitled conservative blowhard could be as difficult as asking for Ivanka Trump’s phone number.

85 children and staffers contracted COVID-19 at a summer camp that didn’t require masks or check vaccine status. Officials indefinitely postponed Color War at Camp Delta Variant.

TikTok is expanding video length to three minutes. Now you can watch baby boomers cringeworthy videos, then see them take two minutes figuring out how to end it.

Bill Cosby was released from prison due to a legal technicality. Cosby’s lawyers then spent the rest of the day fielding 50 calls from Harvey Weinstein.

The Los Angeles Police Bomb Squad detonated 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks in a so-called “containment truck”, which blew up the truck. Now they have to find a new truck to blow up in the July 4th parade.

The U.S. is reportedly assessing a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant. The good news is that radioactivity kills coronavirus. [Story h/t to J.L!]

American middle distance runner Shelby Houlihan was disqualified from Olympic trials for a positive steroid test. Houlihan claims the steroids are from a pork burrito she ate. In other news, the U.S. track team dietician was fired. [Story h/t to T.C.!]

A survey from finance website Wallethub ranked New Jersey as the Number One U.S. state to live in, based on wages, education and the 4th-lowest crime rate in the country. “4th lowest? Get to work!” said New Jersey mob bosses.

Convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein held his head in his hands when learning of his extradition to California from New York to face five sexual assault charges, and when learning that he’ll have to fly coach on Spirit Airlines.

Mackenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, gave another $2.7 billion of her fortune to 286 organizations. Trump children went 0-for-5 on their applications.

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil cancelled his next scheduled solo appearance after his voice gave out. His band said if he can’t get his voice in shape before their 2022 Stadium Tour, they’ll use recorded vocal tracks and tour as Motley Vanotley.

Two people were hospitalized for injuries riding a log flume at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. The log reportedly “tipped up on an angle”, but then behaved normally once park workers removed dead bodies from the water.

Royal Caribbean delayed its first cruise since shutting down for the pandemic, after eight crew members tested positive for COVID-19, and the buffet crab legs tested positive for being the same ones that were there when they docked the ship.

SpaceX is cleared to reuse its rockets for national security missions. And it was cleared to hold a scrap metal sale of the ones that exploded to raise money for rocket fuel.

Peloton users are being warned that they could be watched by hackers accessing their bicycle’s video screens. In response, the company has postponed the planned Topless Tour de Peloton.

A Memphis woman leaned in to a Burger King drive-thru window and fired gunshots because she thought the wait was too long. A Burger King spokesperson said they don’t expect gunshots over wait times, they typically draw gunfire because the fries are terrible.

Target’s new program lets parents recycle child car seats, cribs and strollers in exchange for coupons. So far they’ve received thousands of recyclable items, and hundreds of babies.

Experts warn coronavirus is still transmissable at warm-weather beach locations. They say COVID-19 can be contracted by handling rented beach chairs, in public showers & restrooms, or being bitten by unvaccinated sharks.

Visitors to Donald Trump’s new website, 45Office.com, can pay to receive a “personalized greeting” from Trump or his wife. Greetings from Melania in the nude cost more, nude greetings from Donald are standard.

Police are dealing with a juvenile crime wave along the Atlantic City boardwalk. They remain on the lookout for suspects looking to redeem over 2 million skee-ball tickets.

A Southwest Airlines pilot is accused of indecent exposure on a flight from Philadelphia to Orlando. He later resigned, but argues he was in the right because he’d turned off the fasten zipper sign.

Actress Thandiwe Newton – formerly Thandie – is now reclaiming her original name. Casting directors are catching on, sending emails reading “Hi Thandiwe – we gave the part to Zoe Saldana instead”.

Walgreens violated guidance by giving second doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines four weeks after the first dose – not three – because it was easier. They agreed to adjust to three weeks, unless a customer has a Buy One Get One Free coupon, in which case they’ll give both doses at once.

A toxic wastewater reservoir in central Florida is at risk of collapse, releasing a wave of water that could destroy local fish & wildlife. They’re hoping to prevent the damage by pumping out 100 million gallons of toxic water per day, and transferring it to a local Dasani bottling plant.

Harvey Weinstein is appealing his rape conviction in New York, claiming witnesses were chosen to make him appear ‘loathsome’. Prosecutors disagree, saying they chose witnesses to make him appear ‘gross’.

Wilson sporting goods introduced the Staff Model R, the first golf ball without a coat of paint. They say removing paint will allow weekend golfers to hit the ball farther and straighter into the water.

The world’s lone remaining white giraffe was outfitted with a GPS tracker to protect it from poachers. The giraffe said the GPS is great, but he’d probably feel safer with a gun of his own.

Lena Dunham opened up about her difficulty having biological children due to endometriosis, drug abuse, and potential male sex partners getting to know her.

Khloe Kardashian won the People’s Choice Award for Best Reality TV Star, edging out four other nominees sitting on her couch.

The Boeing 737 MAX has been cleared to fly after a two-year ban. FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said “I’m 100 percent comfortable with my family flying on it…especially my mother-in-law.”

Fortnite is getting in-game video chat, to the delight of gamers who like to play battle-royale games while watching men masturbate.

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly being treated for a high fever and a possible COVID-19 infection in prison. If his condition worsens, he may be placed on a ventilator connected to the exhaust pipe of a garbage truck.

Two men in Queens, New York – Jie Zou and Jonathan Zhang – were arrested on assault charges for a street brawl over a parking spot, ending in a car being driven through the front of a bakery. The fight is now being made into a Jackie Chan movie.

A Medieval soldier’s remains were found next to swords and knives at the bottom of a lake in Lithuania. Researchers concluded he probably lost his battle, and also had a hard time swimming holding swords and knives.

A Wisconsin police officer who’s killed three civilians in the last five years is resigning from the force, for failing to meet his quota.

Best Buy stores have moved to a ‘curbside pickup only’ policy, so employees can get a good laugh and watch customers struggling to fit huge TVs in their car.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company is donating “millions” of protective masks to healthcare workers. The challenge now is finding healthcare workers whose faces are the same size as 12-year-old Apple factory employees.

Portland, Oregon’s Lucky Devil Lounge strip club started ‘Boober Eats’, where scantily-clad dancers deliver food from Lucky Devil’s menu. Several customers claim they found hair in their food, for which they paid extra.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a fixture at Coronavirus Task Force press briefings and the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said social distancing is crucial to prevent the U.S. from “becoming another Italy”. To which Italian Americans replied “AYYYYYY!”

Pennsylvania golfers asked Governor Tom Wolf to reopen courses, arguing that distance between players makes the game inherently safe and healthy, and that any added distance necessitated by the pandemic makes it easier than ever to cheat.

Harvey Weinstein tested positive for the coronavirus in a maximum security prison in New York state, as did another inmate who tries to look like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Formula 1 racing is cancelled, so drivers are racing each other online in the official F1 video game. Somehow three drivers still managed to be hospitalized in crashes.

Three Florida spring breakers from the University of Tampa tested positive for COVID-19, and are currently in isolation while doctors supervise them butt-chugging grape Pedialyte with Tylenol.

Stevie Nicks praised artist Harry Styles’ new album ‘Fine Line’, saying she thinks it’s his ‘Rumors’. The music world hasn’t been this stunned since Nicks called Lou Bega’s ‘Mambo No. 5’ his ‘Pac Man Fever’.

The CDC & Microsoft, launched a coronavirus self-checking bot called Clara, to¬† recommend actions to those who think they have COVID-19 symptoms. You simply visit the CDC website, click the self-checker, and then watch as you’re told not to restart your computer for three hours.