A man on a United Airlines flight opened the exit door and walked on the wing of the plane while it taxied at Chicago O’Hare airport. He was arrested, but flight attendants said he did a great job paying attention to the special exit row passenger instructions.

Google, Apple & Microsoft are teaming up on a system that will let you enter your fingerprint on a smartphone, then visit all your online accounts without a password. Phone thieves will also update their protocols to start cutting off victim’s fingers.

The new White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, is raising conflict-of-interest concerns because she’s gay and in a relationship with a CNN correspondent. Republicans want to break it up but don’t know any out lesbians working at Fox News.

Anaysis of a deceased man who’d received a transplanted pig heart found that the heart had a porcine virus, which may have played a role in the man’s death. That, and the donor pig’s heart was reportedly broken over a recent breakup with a girl pig.

Authorities are piecing together the reasons why corrections officer Vicky White helped convicted killer Casey White break out of an Alabama jail. So far all they’ve come up with is Casey White wanted to get out of jail, and Vicky White wanted to have sex with him.

Motley Crue begins “full-band rehearsals” next week for their summer Stadium Tour. And by “full band”, they include the guy who keeps guitarist Mick Mars from falling over, and the guy who does the singing while Vince Neil lip-syncs.

A viral video shows a 7-year-old girl chugging altar wine at her first communion ceremony, and the priest’s reaction. The priest was angry since the wine was for her 8-year-old brother.

A half-ton of cocaine was found inside coffee bean bags at a Nestle plant in Switzerland. A Nestle spokesperson said the company now feels it has a product to compete with Starbucks.

Jackson, New Jersey will be home to a new 88-acre wave pool for surfers, offering waves up to 6 feet high. The park will create dozens of new jobs for lifeguards and people to retrieve the bodies.

Emira D’Spain – the first black, transgender Victorias Secret model – underwent ‘brazilian butt lift’ surgery. She said it improves her appearance, and gives her more room to tuck stuff back.

Southwest Airlines kicked off its latest promotional discounts, with one-way fares as low as $69, and special one-way fat-shaming fares as low as $49.

As sub-zero temperatures in Chicago continue, residents are being advised about ‘Frost Quakes’ – rumbles and noises from subterranean rock breaking as it freezes. Not to be confused with the cheap store-brand Frost Quakes cereal your mom buys.

Nintendo delayed the launch of its eagerly-awaited smartphone game, Mario Kart Mobile, until this summer. However, the marketing slogan is already set: “Don’t Text and Drive — Drive and Drive!”

Augusta National Golf Club announced that the par-4 5th hole, named ‘Magnolia’, has been lengthened 40 yards to 495 yards for this year’s Masters. They also announced that there isn’t a chance in hell you slobs will ever see or play it in person.

A South Korean woman whose husband died suddenly in Mexico claims Mexican authorities returned his corpse with the brain, heart and stomach missing.  In an unrelated story, the scarecrow and tin man got what they wanted from the Mexican Wizard of Oz.

Gisele Bundchen, wife of star NFL QB Tom Brady, opened up about her relationship with actor Leonardo Dicaprio. Bundchen said she split from Dicaprio because she was “no longer numbing herself” with drinking and work. Dicaprio replied saying he split up with Bundchen because she was “no longer 22”.

USA Today published an expose of Miami’s Jolie Plastic Surgery center, where 8 women have died after plastic surgery, 4 from complications of Brazilian Butt Lifts. The principal physician regrets that their asses couldn’t be saved.

A drunken British man whose misbehavior caused a Calgary-to-London flight to turn around must reimburse WestJet Airlines $21,000 for the fuel costs they incurred. The man said he’ll pay for the jet fuel, but only if he gets to drink some of it.

Walmart announced it will start paying bonuses to employees for good attendance. A spokesman called this a win/win for employees, since the bonuses are paid for showing up, not for actually doing any work.

Researchers at Stanford & NYU found that people who deactivated Facebook for four weeks reported being happier, but less informed about current events. They also reported difficulty finding $19 Ray-Ban sunglasses and bootleg copies of first-run movies.